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The Flemish Government (Dutch: About this sound Vlaamse Regering ) is the executive branch of the Flemish Community and the Flemish Region. It consists of up to maximum eleven ministers, chosen by the Flemish Parliament. At least one minister must come from Brussels.


Flemish Government

Emblem of the Flemish Region

The executive branch of government consists of a limited number (maximum 11) of ministers drawn from the political parties which, in practice, form the government coalition. The ministers are appointed by the Flemish Parliament. The Cabinet is chaired by the Flemish Minister-President. Ministers head executive departments of the government. Ministers must defend their policies and performance in person before the Flemish Parliament. The Flemish Government must receive and keep the confidence of the Flemish Parliament.



Leterme I / Peeters I 2004-2009

Name Party Function
Kris Peeters CD&V Minister-President of the Flemish Government and Flemish Minister for Institutional Reform, Ports, Agriculture, Sea Fisheries and Rural Policy
Frank Vandenbroucke SP.A Vice-Minister-President of the Flemish Government and Flemish Minister for Work, Education and Training
Dirk Van Mechelen VLD Vice-Minister-President of the Flemish Government and Flemish Minister for Finance and Budget and Town and Country Planning
Bert Anciaux SP.a Flemish Minister for Culture, Youth, Sport and Brussels Affairs
Marino Keulen VLD Flemish Minister for Home Affairs, Urban Policy, Housing and Civic Integration
Kathleen Van Brempt SP.A Flemish Minister for Mobility, Social Economy and Equal Opportunities.
Hilde Crevits CD&V Flemish Minister for Public Works, Energy, the Environment and Nature
Patricia Ceysens VLD Flemish Minister for Economy, Enterprise, Science, Innovation and Foreign Trade
Veerle Heeren CD&V Flemish Minister for Welfare, Public Health and Family

From 19 July 2004 to 26 June 2007, the Minister-President of Flanders was Yves Leterme (CD&V), leading a coalition of CD&V-N-VA, VLD-Vivant, and SP.A-Vl.Pro.

On 26 June 2007, in the aftermath of the 2007 Belgian general elections, Yves Leterme and Inge Vervotte resigned as minister-president and minister in the Flemish Government to take their seats in the Belgian Parliament. On June 28, Kris Peeters was sworn in as new minister-president, taking over the responsibilities of Leterme, and Vanackere and Crevits replaced Vervotte and Peeters as Flemish ministers.

On 10 October 2007 Fientje Moerman resigned due to the fallout of a hiring scandal; she was replaced as vice-minister-president by Dirk Van Mechelen and as minister by Patricia Ceysens.

On 22 September 2008 Geert Bourgeois (N-VA) was forced to resign due to pressure by the SP.a-Vl.Pro and Open VLD coalition partners because of his party's no confidence vote in the federal government of Leterme and their lack of trust in further negotiations by the Regions regarding the state reform. His portfolio's of Administrative Affairs, Foreign Policy, Media and Tourism were taken over by minister-president Peeters.

On December 30, 2008 Steven Vanackere resigned to become federal Minister of Civil Service and Public Enterprises. He was replaced in the Flemish government by Veerle Heeren.

Peeters II 2009-2014

Name Party Function
Kris Peeters CD&V Minister-President of the Flemish Government and Flemish Minister for Economy, Foreign Policy, Agriculture and Rural Policy
Ingrid Lieten SP.A Vice minister-president of the Flemish Government and Flemish Minister for Innovation, Public Investment, Media and Poverty Reduction
Geert Bourgeois N-VA Vice minister-president of the Flemish Government and Flemish Minister for Administrative Affairs, Local and Provincial Government, Civic Integration, Tourism and the Vlaamse Rand
Jo Vandeurzen CD&V Flemish Minister for Welfare, Public Health and Family
Hilde Crevits CD&V Flemish Minister for Mobility and Public Works
Freya Van den Bossche SP.A Flemish Minister for Energy, Housing, Cities and Social Economy
Philippe Muyters N-VA Flemish Minister for Finance, Budget, Work, Town and Country Planning and Sport
Joke Schauvliege CD&V Flemish Minister for Environment, Nature and Culture
Pascal Smet SP.A Flemish Minister for Education, Youth, Equal Opportunities and Brussels Affairs

On July 11, 2009, following the elections of June 11, Kris Peeters announced the composition of the new government under his own leadership, a coalition of CD&V, N-VA and SP.A.

List of Flemish Minister-Presidents

Name Period Party Comments
Rika De Backer 1974 - 1981 CVP Only of Flemish Community
Gaston Geens 22 December 1981-21 January 1992 CVP
Luc Van den Brande 21 February 1992-1999 CVP
Patrick Dewael 13 July 1999-5 June 2003 VLD
Bart Somers 11 June 2003-20 July 2004 VLD
Yves Leterme 20 July 2004-28 June 2007 CD&V
Kris Peeters 28 June 2007-present CD&V

Flemish government

Flemish government (without a capital G, Dutch: Vlaamse overheid) denotes the Flemish civil service. With the reform program Better Administrative Policy (Dutch: Beter Bestuurlijk Beleid), the Flemish civil service is designed to make the Flemish public administration more efficient and transparent.

The tasks of the Flemish public administration are now organised in 13 policy areas. Each policy area comprises a department and a number of (semi-) independent government agencies.

The 13 policy areas are:

  • Services for the General Government Policy
  • Administrative Affairs
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Finance and Budget
  • Education and Training
  • Economy, Science and Innovation
  • Culture, Youth, Sport and Media
  • Welfare, Public Health and Family
  • Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Work and Social Economy
  • Mobility and Public Works
  • Environment, Nature and Energy
  • Town and Country Planning, Housing Policy and Immovable Heritage

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