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Flesh Feast
Developer(s) Ingames
Publisher(s) SegaSoft
Platform(s) Windows
Release date(s) 1998
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Media CD
System requirements Intel Pentium 133 MHz CPU, 16MB RAM, 20MB Hard disk space, 2MB DirectX-comptible GPU
Input methods Keyboard or joystick

Flesh Feast is a 3D action horror game released in 1998 by SegaSoft. Flesh Feast was designed primarily for multiplayer gameplay on SegaSoft's network.


Flesh Feast is a third-person action game with the in-game camera showing a top-down perspective in most instances. The game's plot concerns a secret ingredient invented by the food company Nutrition Applied Science and Technology Inc. (NASAT), which has been released and has infected the entire island's water supply. The citizens are dying and rising as flesh-hungry zombies, buried dead break through the groundsurface to attack the living. The player proceeds through fourteen levels controlling three teams of characters, each team consists of one main character and two sub-characters. Throughout play hordes of zombies attack the player and must be repelled with weapons which are found throughout levels, a radar display shows the location of items relative to the characters. The objective is to unlock the final show-down at NASAT headquarters by completing each of the game's levels, thus containing the disaster.[1]

Each game level is split into three sectors with one of the player's teams of characters assigned to each, individual sectors represent difficulty levels. Completing sectors in order is not required. Levels take place over several locales such as a dock, a graveyard and a shopping mall; the latter resembles the setting of Dawn of the Dead. Characters are controlled directly or indirectly; player's can manouvre their characters via the keyboard or click the mouse on enemies or items to command their teams to attack or collect items. Completing each sector involves locating the exit, typically this will also entail obtaining keycards and other items to remove barriers.[1]

Multi-player games can be played via a local area network and online via the service. Both cooperative and competitive game modes are available for two to eight players.[1]


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