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Flettner Fl 185
Role Autogyro/helicopter
Manufacturer Flettner
Designed by Anton Flettner
First flight 1936
Number built 1

The Flettner Fl 185 was an experimental German helicopter developed by Anton Flettner.

This helicopter was developed in 1936 with support of the German Navy. It was powered by a 160 horsepower (120 kW) BMW-Bramo Sh 14 A radial piston engine with forced-air cooling, mounted at the nose. The engine drove a 12 m diameter main rotor and two auxiliary propellers mounted on outriggers attached to the fuselage. The auxiliary propellers worked in opposition to each other and served to cancel the torque of the main rotor, a function handled by a single, variable-pitch tail rotor on contemporary helicopters. The landing gear consisted of a nosewheel, two smaller stabilising wheels under the outriggers and a tail skid. Only one prototype was constructed.


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