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Flight distance records without refueling. Some records were certified by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.


Non-commercial aircraft

Year Date Distance Pilot Aircraft Notes
2006 February 12, 2006 42,469.46 km Steve Fossett GlobalFlyer Steve Fossett.[1]
1986 December 23, 1986 40,212.14 km Richard Glenn Rutan and Jeana Yeager Rutan Voyager Fédération Aéronautique Internationale record holder up to 2006.
1962 January 10 - 11, 1962 20,177 km Boeing B-52 Stratofortress From Kadena AB, Okinawa to Torrejon AB, Spain
1946 September 29 - October 2, 1946 18,083.6 km Cdr. Tom Davies pilot, Cdr. Eugene Rankin (co-pilot) and two crew Lockheed P2V-1 Neptune From Perth, Australia to Columbus, Ohio
1945 November 20, 1945 12,739.6 km USAF; C. S. Irvine + crew of 9 Boeing B-29 Superfortress From Guam to Washington DC, USA
1938 November 5-7, 1938 11,520.4 km
(7,162 miles)
RAF Long Range Development Unit; R. Kellett, H.A.V. Hogan and A. N. Combe (first pilots) + crew of two (also qualified pilots) in each aircraft Vickers Wellesley From Ismailia, Egypt to Darwin, Northern Territory in Australia; three aircraft flew in formation, Hogan landed to refuel at Koepang (500 miles short of Darwin), thus (officially) holding the record (10,715.5 km) until the other two landed at Darwin, Northern Territory. [2]
1938 May 13-15, 1938 11,651.011 km Yuzoh Fujita + crew (Japan) Koken-ki three-corner course over Japan
1937 July 12 - 14, 1937 10,148.5 km Mikhail Gromov + crew (Russia) Tupolev ANT-25 From Moscow to San Jacinto, California, USA
1933 August 7, 1933 9,104.7 km J. M. Rossi and P. Codos (France) Blériot 110 F-ALCC From Floyd Bennett Field, New York, USA to Rayack, Syria
1933 February 8, 1933 8,544 km RAF Long Range Development Unit; O. R. Gayford and G. E. Nicholetts Fairey Long-range Monoplane K1991 From Cranwell, UK, to Walvis Bay, South Africa
1927 3,862.43 km Albert Francis Hegenberger and Lester Maitland Fokker F.VII From California to Hawaii, the longest open sea flight up to that date, in the "Bird of Paradise". They received the Mackey Trophy and the Distinguished Flying Cross from President Calvin Coolidge for this achievement. [3]
1903 December 17, 1903 279 m Wilbur Wright Wright Flyer 59 seconds
1903 December 17, 1903 39 m Orville Wright Wright Flyer 12 seconds
1901 August 14, 1901 800 m Gustave Whitehead Number 21 x seconds

Commercial aircraft

Year Date Distance Pilot Aircraft Reference
2005 November 9, 2005 21,602.22 km Suzanna Darcy-Henneman Boeing 777-200LR Hong Kong International Airport to London Heathrow Airport taking 22 hours, 22 minutes [4]
2004 June 28, 2004 16,600 km A340-500 Singapore Airlines between Singapore and New York (Newark Airport) in 18 hours 18 minutes. [1]
2004 February 3, 2004 14,093 km A340-500 Singapore Airlines between Singapore and Los Angeles in 14 hours 42 minutes.[2]

Other types of aircraft

Date Measurement Person Aircraft Reference
January 21, 2003 3,008.8 km Klaus Ohlmann and Gerhard Marzinzik Schempp-Hirth Nimbus-4 The gliding flight consisted of four legs along the eastern side of the Andes mountain range. The flight time of 15h 8m giving an average speed of almost exactly 200 km/h.[5]
March 21, 1999 40,814 km Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones Breitling Orbiter Distance record for a balloon





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