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Flock or flocking may refer to:



  • Flocking (behavior), the collective motion of a large number of self-propelled entities
  • Flocking agent, in chemistry, a substance added to a fluid to remove suspended particles
  • Flock, various animal groups (see Collective noun), in particular:
  • Flock, the congregation of a Christian local church
  • Flock, a crowd of people
  • Species flock, a diverse group of closely related species in an isolated area



  • Flock (web browser), a web browser based on Mozilla Firefox
  • Flock system call, used for computer file locking
  • Flock or F-lock, a key on a computer keyboard, toggling the state of function keys



  • Flock, wool or cotton fiber used for stuffing furniture and mattresses
  • Flocking (texture), the process of adding small particles (flock) to a surface for the sake of texture


  • The Flock or Raven's Nest, a large stable in World Championship Wrestling
  • Flock Bronzewing or Flock Pigeon (Phaps histrionica), an Australian species of bird
  • Modelling flock, a material used by hobbyists (such as model railway enthusiasts and miniature wargamers) to create a grass-like effect. Modelling flock is usually made of coloured sawdust.

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Developer:Flock, Inc.
OS:Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Available language(s):Catalan, English (US), Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish (Latin American and Spain)
Use: Web browser


Flock is a web browser based on Mozilla Firefox. Flock is also the name of the company making the browser.



Upon leaving beta Flock has won a number of awards:[1]

  • Webby Award in social networking, 2008[2]
  • SXSW community Award, 2008 [1][2]
  • Open Web Award for Applications and Widgets, 2007 [1]


  • top rated, 5 out of 5 [1]
  • Ranked #6 on PC World's list of the 100 best products of 2008 [3][2]

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