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Floor Games by H. G. Wells

Floor Games was written by science fiction author H. G. Wells in 1911 and is a lighthearted, sometimes humorous discussion about the theory, purpose, and methodology of playing a variety of children's games with models, miniatures, and other props.

Floor Games is often characterized as a "companion book" to Wells's Little Wars (1913), though as the text of the earlier book makes clear, it was conceived of as a self-standing volume that the author might eventually decide to follow with a text devoted purely to wargames.

Numerous reprints of Floor Games have been published in the century since its initial release. The most recent edition of the book was published by Skirmisher Publishing LLC in 2006 and includes a foreword by game design giant James F. Dunnigan an introduction by game designer and author Michael J. Varhola.

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Floor Games
by H. G. Wells
H.G. Wells had so much fun playing with his children on the floor of their playroom, he decided to write a jovial little book to inspire other parents in their pursuit of quality time with the kids. While the raw materials available from hobby stores of his day were woefully short of the variety and quality of what can be bought easily now, he and his sons created their own worlds to rule. This short work describes two games of imagination played out upon the floor of his home - an archipelago of islands, and a thoroughly integrated city, conveniently organized with two mayoral positions for his sons "G.P.W." and "F.R.W." While the toy people appearing in their worlds were often of martial nature, Wells decided to leave description of military games to a later book: Little Wars.


  1. The Toys To Have
  2. The Game Of The Wonderful Islands
  3. Of The Building Of Cities
  4. Funiculars, Marble Towers, Castles And War Games, But Very LIttle Of War Games


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