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Florence flask
Round bottomed flask half full.png
Diagrammatic representation of a Florence flask
Uses Boiling
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A Florence flask (also known as a boiling flask) is a type of flask used as an item of laboratory glassware. It can be used as a container to hold solutions of chemicals. A Florence flask has a round body with a single long neck and with either a round or a flat bottom. A Florence flask with a flat bottom may stand upright alone on a flat surface; flasks with round bottoms need support to stand upright. It is designed for uniform heating and ease of swirling; it is produced in a number of different glass thicknesses to stand different types of use. They are often made of borosilicate glass to prevent cracks or defacing of the glass. The flask is named after Florence, Italy. Traditional Florence flasks typically do not have a ground glass joint on their rather longer necks but typically have a slight lip or flange around the tip of the neck. A common size for a Florence flask is a volume of 1 litre.

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Diagram of a Florence flask


Florence + flask.


Florence flask

Florence flasks

Florence flask (plural Florence flasks)

  1. (chemistry) A glass flask with a round body used in a laboratory for holding chemical liquids and solutions. Normally with a round bottom for uniform heating, but may have a flattened base to stand on a flat surface without support.


  • boiling flask


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A Florence flask (also known as a boiling flask) is a type of flask. It is a piece of laboratory glassware. It can hold chemical solutions. The flask has a round body with a long neck. The flask usually come in volumes of 1 liter.

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