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Floris II, Count of Holland (reigned 1091—March 2, 1121) or Floris the Fat, was the first from the native dynasty of Holland to be called Count of Holland.

He was the son of his predecessor Dirk V and Othilde. Floris II ended the conflict with the Bishop of Utrecht (which he inherited from his father, and should be seen in light of the power struggle between the Pope and the Holy Roman Emperor), most likely by becoming his vassal. In 1101 he was endowed with the title of Count of Holland by the bishop of Utrecht, after acquiring Rhineland (Leiden and surroundings) ('comes de Hollant', up until that time the counts' dominion had been officially referred to as Frisia).

Around 1108, Floris II married Gertrude, the daughter of Thierry II, the Duke of Lorraine. Gertrude changed her name to Petronila (which is derived from Peter), in recognition of her loyalty to the Holy See. Petronila and Floris II had four children, three boys and one girl: Dirk, Floris, Simon and Hedwig, respectively. Dirk became his successor, Dirk VI of Holland, while Floris became known as Floris the Black and contested his brother's power.


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Preceded by
Dirk V
Count of Holland
1091 - 1121
Succeeded by
Dirk VI


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