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Flu Bird Horror
(aka Flu Birds)

Flu Bird DVD cover
Directed by Leigh Scott
Produced by Wilfred Ackermann
Kenneth M. Badish
Written by Tony Daniel
Brian D. Smith
Starring Clare Carey
Lance Guest
Rebekah Kochan
Music by Alan Howarth
Cinematography Gabriel Kosuth
Editing by Christopher Roth
Studio The Sci-Fi Channel
Castel Film Romania
Active Entertainment
Nu Image Films
Distributed by First Look International
Release date(s) August 23, 2008
Running time 89 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Flu Bird Horror is a 2008 made-for-television horror Sci Fi Pictures original film written by Tony Daniel and Brian D. Smith, and directed by Leigh Scott.[1][2] It first aired on The Sci-Fi Channel on August 23, 2008, and was released to DVD as Flu Birds on September 30, 2008. Reviewers note the film for being representative of low budget films being created for and aired on the Sci-Fi Channel.



Six teens on a "Teens at Risk" chaperoned camping trip find themselves being hunted by mutant giant birds infected with a mysterious virus that changed the birds into deadly predators. Several of the teens are killed. When the teens flee to a military bunker on the outskirts of a nearby town, the flock follows, spreading the killer virus they carry throughout the town. Most of the residents fall prey to the virus. Ava (Sarah Butler) finds a walkie talkie and gets in contact with park ranger Garrett (Lance Guest) and Dr. Giovanna Thomas (Tarri Markell). A small group of town survivors join the teens in safe shelter to await rescue.


  • Clare Carey as Dr. Jacqueline Hale
  • Rebekah Kochan as Lola
  • Lance Guest as Garrett
  • Jonathon Trent as Johnson
  • Sarah Butler as Eva
  • Bill Posley as Derrick
  • Brent Lydic as Gordon
  • Tarri Markell as Dr. Giovanna Thomas
  • Serban Celea as Oscar Drake
  • Gabriel Costin as Porky
  • Calin Stanciu as Hank
  • Bart Sidles as Counselor (as Barton Slides)


Blog Critics poked fun at Sci-Fi Channel movies in their review of the film when they wrote "the mutated strain of bird flu started because of mysterious mutant birds in that forest where all Sci-Fi Channel movies are filmed." They made note of a stereotype cast, poor dialog, and a number of flaws with "Sluggish pacing, downtime, countless continuity errors, and repetitive dialogue are to be expected for a movie shot with something that can’t even be considered a budget, but Flu Bird Horror takes this to the extreme".[3] Dread Central felt that the story concept was more plausible than that of ABC's 2006 airing of Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America, but noted that the virus aspect as used in the film made little sense, writing "everything wrong with the film can be traced back to the nonsensical script." They opined that the birds themselves were the stars of the film when they wrote "Those zombie buzzards are the true stars of Flu Bird Horror — both ghastly and goofy all at the same time". While noting that casting was not optimum, they wrote "On the plus side, I can't complain about the acting. I can complain about the dialogue, but I can't complain about the actors themselves." In consideration of the film's weaknesses, they still found it worthwhile by their writing "almost miraculously, Flu Bird Horror remains fairly watchable and I honestly don't know how Scott and company pulled it off all things considered".[4] Monsters & Critics panned the acting, writing that it "ranges from horrible to maniacally over-the-top." However, they granted the film was somewhat better than most bad horror films even though representative of what is being expected from the Sci-Fi Channel by writing "Flu Birds is potentially some “nature on the rampage” goofball fun and a lot better than Ghouls, but it’s still not a quality film. Not that you’d be expecting one with Sci-Fi Channel emblazoned on the front".[5] DVD Talk panned the film as "fairly bottom-of-the-barrel stuff, even by creature feature standards", concluding that the "characters are completely uninteresting and the ending is underwhelming and disappointing".[6]


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