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Flying Rhino Junior High
Format Animated
Country of origin Canada
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Nelvana Limited
Original channel CBS
Original run October 3, 1998 – January 22, 2000
Status Cancelled

Flying Rhino Junior High is a Canadian animated television series produced by Nelvana Limited. It originally aired from October 3, 1998 to January 22, 2000 on the CBS Kids Show. Reruns used to be shown on YTV.

The series revolved around four children: Billy O' Toole, Marcus Snarkus, Ruby Snarkus, and Lydia Lopez. The series' main antagonists are Earl P. Sidebottom, AKA The Phanthom and his rat sidekick Ratticus. Earl is a boy genius who some time before the series' beginning got a "D" grade in shop class and retreated to the school's sub-basement boiler room in shame. In there, he built a supercomputer capable of altering reality, which uses to cause chaos in the school as revenge, leaving the protagonists to stop him.


Voice cast

  • The Phantom/Earl P. Sidebottom – Richard Binsley
  • Billy O'Toole – Ashley Brown
  • Ruby Snarkis – Tracy Ryan
  • Marcus Snarkis – Tracey Moore
  • Lydia Lopez – Cindy Henderson
  • Raticus/Rod – Ron Rubin
  • Fred Spurtz/Johnny Descunk – Edward Glen
  • Mrs. Snodgrass/Edna – Lindsay Leese
  • Principal Mulligan – Len Carlson
  • Flo/Nurse Cutlip – Catherine Gallant
  • Buford/Mr. Needlenose – Paul Haddad
  • Kim Micheals – ?
  • Leslie Orntine – ?
  • Jason Horg – ?

Episode list


Season One

# Title
1 "Prehysterical (Pilot)"
After Mrs. Snodgrass holds a pop quiz on dinosaurs, Earl transforms the school into a prehistoric jungle with dinosaurs. Billy, Lydia, Marcus and Ruby must wipe out the dinosaurs while dodging them. 
2 "Underwaterworld"
During a lesson on undersea environment, Mrs. Snodgrass gives everyone a fish to place in an aquarium tank, when Earl transforms the school into an ocean evironment. To reach the drainage pipes to drain the water Billy, Lydia, Ruby and Marcus use a high pressure cooking tank for a sub. 
3 "Solar Flexus"
Mrs. Snodgrass is teaching Astronomy today. As Marcus and Billy present their science project in class, but Earl brings out his project and transforms the school into the solar system. Marcus observes that the planets are orbiting all wrong which would result in the earth going into the sun. Marcus, Billy, Ruby and Lydia travel in their space shuttle to correctly position the planets. 
4 "Phantu's Curse"
After last night's movie of Pharaoh Phinster, Mrs. Snodgrass teaches Egyptian history in class, but Earl transforms the school into a pyramid. Billy, Lydia, Ruby and Marcus must get out of the pyramid before it seals itself, but Lydia takes the golden scarab and unleashes the mummy. 
5 "Frankensidebottom"
Mrs. Snodgrass teaches Mary Shelley's Frankenstein in class, when Lydia comes in late wearing a large pair of braces. Earl sends Ratticus to procure ingredients for his own zombie, but gets a wad of bubble gum instead of a brain. Earl activates and sends the zombie (called Milton by Ratticus) and transforms the school into a scary town. While everyone runs away, Lydia who is mocked for her braces befriends Milton. 
6 "The Game"
Marcus is intent on finishing designing his video game "Wolf Castle 3d" (based on Wolfenstein 3d) but loses his computer to Billy. Earl remembers how he lost his video game "Pongo Bongo" to the Confiscated Items Room and transforms the school into "Wolf Castle 3d". Billy and Marcus must survive through the castle and its passages, enemies and traps if they want to undo Earl's doings. 
7 "A Star is Boring"
Ruby stars as the lead female role in the school musical becoming standoffish in front of her friends. Earl multiplies Ruby into several clones, causing chaos throughout the school and scaring the original Ruby. Billy, Marcus and Lydia go to the Janitor to find the real Ruby and erase the clones. 
8 "Comicbook Chaos"
Mrs. Snodgrass is teaching about villains (excluding comic book ones), but Earl unleashses four comic book villains called Gravity Girl, Wedgie Woman, Magnet Maestro and the Living Vapour. Lydia leads the others to beat them taking advantage of their weak spots. After disposing of three of the villains, they become superheroes to face the newest comic book villain Gravity Girl. 
9 "Quit Buggin' Me"
Everyone has brought a minibeast to class, but Ruby who hates bugs brought what she thought was an inamimate crystalis. Earl remembers a hornet called Hornicus he once had as a good friend but had to cryogenically freeze him after he stung a bully and got squashed. Earl magnifies every bug in the school to a giant size. After that Earl revives, magnifies and unleashes Hornicus. Billy, Lydia and Marcus attempt to stop the bugs while Ruby tries overcome her fear for bugs. 
10 "Phantom Christmas"
The Christmas holidays have begun. Earl is hating every bit of Christmas and refusing Ratticus' every kind offers until finally he leaves unhappy. The next morning Earl finds Ratticus as the phantom. To punish him for rejecting Christmas, Ratticus sends Earl into the school where he suffers humiliation and eventually all the previous chaos and terrors he once created until he gets eaten by a big fish. He wakes up from this nightmare with Christmas spirit in him, but his evil days continue. 
11 "Inverted and Unglued"
Marcus shows a complete collection of America's stamps with a friend of his called Larry. Marcus has a rare stamp worth a lot of money that arouses greed amongst the class. To complete his own stamp collection, Earl sends Ratticus disguised as Larry to swipe the stamp but Ratticus loses it. Earl transforms the school into a Victorian Era stamp factory to get all the rare stamps. 
12 "Weather Waterloo"
Everyone in class has a project related to weather effects especially Billy with his Weather Nullifier. When Earl's Atmospheric Generator is rejected from the class, he activates it and sends a twister,a mudslide and a nimbostratus cloud to storm the school. The Weather Nullifier doesn't work and totals, so Billy, Lydia, Ruby and Marcus attempt to nullify the bad weather themselves. 
13 "Pal 9000"
Marcus has created his very own Artificial Intelligent friend on his Mini Mega Mind called Pal 9000 for the main purpose of running a futuristic school. Envious Earl turns the school futuristic and proceeds to implant a virus in Pal when his guard is down, which causes malfunction all over the school. Marcus and Billy head to the Main Computer System to restore Pal and get into Earl's mainframe. 

Season Two

# Title
14 "Live and Let Spy"
The class is learning forms of writing today. Lydia guards her secret journal closely, making the others mimic her privacy. Earl has a hunch they could be writing and gossiping about him. Earl sends spies to swipe the journals and transforms the school into a downtown. Billy, Ruby, Marcus and Lydia try hard to protect their journals and their contents with help from Buford as 009 and half. 
15 "Wag the Rat"
16 "It's Greek to Me"
After a Greek history lesson, the class head to the gym to practice for sports events (except for the overconfident Billy), when Earl transforms the school into a Greek Era Olympics Theatre. Zeus and the other gods give them the challenge for glory against eternal slavery. The students are untrained in the Olympic events so they challenge the gods to their own events. Before their glory can be granted, Marcus must beat Achilles in an obstacle course. 
17 "Yo Ho Ho and the Phantom's a Bum"
Today Mrs. Snodgrass is teaching the class about pirates. Johnny and Rod decide to commit piracy. Earl transforms the school into a galleon in the ocean. Lydia, Ruby, Billy, Marcus, Johnny and Rod are put to work by the pirates, whilst trying to come up with a plan. 
18 "Junior High Noon"
19 "Out of Time"
20 "Career Day"
21 "Daredevil O'Toole"
22 "Raging Rubbish"
23 "Better Safe than Sorry"
24 "Phantomatic Voyage"
25 "All Green Thumbs"
26 "Seeing Double (Series Finale)"
Today everyone's into the subject of appearances, while Johnny is trouble for a sink breakage, Marcus accidentally caused. Tired of his failures, Earl sends Billy, Marcus, Lydia and Ruby to a parallel dimension. The four attempt to avoid Buford's counterpart and seek parallel Earl's help, whilst their parallel selves cause riots in back in the first dimension. 

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