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A Flying car can refer to:


  • Flying car (aircraft), or roadable aircraft, is an automobile that can legally travel on roads and can take off, fly, and land as an aircraft.
  • Flying car (fiction), a car that can be flown in much the same manner as a road car may be driven.


  • Fly-car, a rapid response medical assistance vehicle.
  • The Flying Car, a short film written and directed by Kevin Smith.

Similarly named aeronautical:

  • Aerocar (often called the Taylor Aerocar) was a roadable aircraft, designed and built by Moulton Taylor in Longview, Washington, in 1949.
  • Aerocar 2000, a roadable aircraft currently in development in the United States.
  • Halsmer Aero Car (1958-1959), a roadable aircraft built and flown by Francis Halsmer or by Joseph Halsmer.
  • Wagner Aerocar, a roadable helicopter completed in 1965.
  • Curtiss Aerocar Company, a company founded in 1928 by Glenn Curtiss.

Similary named non-aeronautical:

  • Aerocar or Aero Car, the name of several U.S. or British automobiles.
  • Niagara Aero Car Company, builders of the Whirlpool Aero Car, an attraction at Niagara Falls.

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