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Foistware, Bloatware, or Bundler is software bundled with completely unrelated programs, but not in a covert manner as with Installware. That means that there is no particular property in the software that makes it foistware, but rather the context in which it was installed.

An equivalent marketing scheme exists in the educational book publishing field. A required costly textbook may only be available as a shrink wrap package with unneeded other general reference books or software, creating a mandatory expensive purchase; though other schemes such as bundling game demo discs with a gaming magazine justifies the purpose.

Shovelware is sometimes used to denote foistware which was chosen to fill up the remaining space on a freely distributed CD-ROM.



Developers of shareware or freeware with large distribution sometimes get paid to bundle unrelated software with their software. The foistware in most cases is mentioned in the End User License Agreement.



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