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Folio may refer to:

  • Foolscap folio, a paper size, usually 8½ × 13½ inches (216 × 343 mm) per sheet,
  • Folio (printing), a book size, for books printed at that size
  • Mainly for manuscripts, a leaf (ie two pages). Manuscript pages are often traditionally physically marked with numbers, and referred to, by folio number, with "recto" for the first side and "verso" for the second - so "f.3v" would be "page 6" in a conventional count.
  • A particular edition of a book printed on folio pages, such as the First Folio of William Shakespeare's plays
  • Folio (typeface), a sans-serif typeface
  • Folio Society, publishers of fine illustrated books
  • Folio Weekly, a newspaper published in Florida and Georgia
  • Folio Corporation, a software company and technology product
  • "Folio", an imprint of French publisher Éditions Gallimard, specializing in mass market paperback books

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  • The Palm Foleo, a subnotebook device
  • A term used by FOLIOfn for portfolios of financial products

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Simple English

Les Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry, folio 39, verso

When talking about manuscripts, and printing in general, a folio is a sheet, which is used on both sides. One of the sides is known as recto, the other one as verso.


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