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Food Party
Format Comedy
Created by Thu Tran
Starring Thu Tran
Peter Van Hyning
Country of origin  United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 6 Episodes Per Season
Running time Approx. 6-10 minutes
Original channel IFC
Original airing June 9, 2009
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Food Party is an American television series, which airs on the IFC in the United States.[1]

The show is a pseudo-reality cooking show filmed on an elaborate, technicolored cardboard kitchen set. Each episode features multi-course, out-of-this-world gourmet meals cooked up by hostess Thu Tran and a cast of colorful puppets for arriving "celebrity" guests[2].

The show was originally produced and filmed in Cleveland for two web series based episodes, and later relocated to Brooklyn for the final web series episodes and six IFC produced shows[3].




Characters and Crew

Name Actor Role
Thu Tran Herself Hostess and creator of Food Party.
"Man of a Thousand Faces" Peter Van Hyning Performs numerous voices and is featured as co-Star, puppeteer, illustrator, and co-Writer
Head Puppeteer David Krofta Serves as puppeteer as well as Prop Specialist and Co-Writer
Puppeteer Matt Fitzpatrick Also co-writes and creates the show's original score
Puppetmaker Daniel Baxter Co-Writer and creator of the show's myriad of puppets
Director, Co-writer Zachariah Durr
Director of Photography, Special F/X Steven Probert


Season 1 (2009)

# Title Original airdate Production code
01 "Thu Become One" June 9, 2009 (2009-06-09) 101
Thu Tran realizes she is in love with herself, and as any would-be bride, she prepares to be wed to The Number Two. Preparations include a hot-wing wedding cake, a bachelorette party, and finally, the wedding. 
02 "Cave Duck" June 16, 2009 (2009-06-16) 102
A hunting expedition leads Thu to a nudist picnic, an underwater search for caviar, and finally, the Purple Potato Caves, where she kills a blue Cave Duck. Thu takes the duck home, but must use every part of the bird to appease the cave spirits. 
03 "My Fair Maybe" June 23, 2009 (2009-06-23) 103
Tired of being the the world's greatest cook, Thu visits the "Deli Llama" who advises her to take on a protégé. After the protégé learns everything and becomes a greater cook than Thu, Thu must kill him, to once again take her title as the Greatest. 
04 "Applesode" N/A 104
Thu invites Johnny Appleseed over after running out of apples for a recipe, then travels to Mount Avocado in search of the "White Tiger" apple, battling a viking heavy metal band on her journey. 
05 "Thu's Cafe" N/A 105
Thu's entrepreneurial spirit helps her survive after she is fired from selling gourmet foods at a boxing arena. She opens up her own restaurant, which instantly becomes a success. Stressed and overwhelmed, Thu simply poisons her customers with rotten ham salad to solve the problem. 
06 "Horrosode" N/A 106
Thu finds out she's going to have another baby, so she prepares a special dinner for her family. The evening is plagued with misfortune, and in a surprise turn of events, she gives birth to a kitten, all the while a villainous stranger stalks her home. 


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