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Chelsea F.C.'s football squad in 1905 pictured with support staff

A football team is the collective name given to a group of players selected together in the various team sports known as football.

Such teams could be selected to play in an against an opposing team, to represent a football club, group, state or nation, an All-star team or even selected as a hypothetical team (such as a Dream Team or Team of the Century) and never play an actual match.

There are several varieties of football, with the most notable being Association football, Gridiron football, Australian rules football, Gaelic football, rugby league and rugby union. The number of players selected for each team within these varieties and their associated codes can vary substantially. In some, use of the word "team" is sometimes limited to those who play on the field in a match and does not always include other players who may take part as replacements or emergency players. "Football squad" may be used to be inclusive of these support and reserve players.

The term football club is the most commonly used for a sports club which is an organised or incorporated body with a president, committee and a set of rules responsible for ensuring the continued playing existence of one or more teams which are selected for regular competition play (and which may participate in several different divisions or leagues). The oldest football clubs date back to the early 19th Century. The word team and club are sometimes used interchangeably by supporters, although typically refers to the team within the club playing in the highest division or competition.


American football team positions

American football is played on a 100-yard field which is marked by ten-yard intervals. Each team has 11 players on the field at any time. All players wear uniforms with numbers which are reserved for certain positions. Each player has a special role and teams are divided into offense, defense and special teams. [1]

In formation, when one team plays offense, the other reciprocates by sending in a defensive team. The offense consists of five offensive players whose job is to protect the passes and clear the way for the runners by blocking members of the defense. The lineman play in the middle or center of the field. Outside the center are the guards and at the periphery are the tackles. [2]

The quarterback (QB) receives the snap in most plays. He may either toss the ball to a running back, throw it to a receiver or run with the ball himself. The Quarterback is the leader of the offensive team and calls out the plays that are signaled to him from the sidelines. The running backs line up behind the QB and have great skill running with the ball. They can even block, catch or pass the ball to others. Wide receivers usually play near the sidelines and are usually very tall, agile and fast. They have the necessary skill for catching passes at full speed and sometimes may block the opponents.

The tight end line up outside the offensive line and can play either as wide receivers, like offensive line men to protect the QB or make clear space for the runner. Frequently the offensive line man will take on a tight end position. For scrimmage to take place there must be at least 7 players. The other players may line up behind this line. The exact number of running backs, receivers or tight ends depends on the game and strategy. For example, if the team needs to gain 20 or more yards, it may place more receivers than running backs. If the team needs only a yard it may have several running backs.

Behind the defensive line are the linebackers who rush the quarterback or cover any free potential offensive receiver. The last line of defense consists of three players who line up as defensive backs or safeties. They usually cover the receiver and attempt to stop all pass completions; they frequently rush the quarter back when the opportunity arises.

Variation of Player Numbers Among Football Codes

The 18 senior players of Port Adelaide Football Club's 1914 Champions of Australia team

The number of players that take part in the sport simultaneously, thus forming the team are:

  • Association football - 11
    • Indoor soccer - 6
    • Futsal, Beach soccer, Five-a-side football - 5
  • American football - 11
    • Arena football - 8
  • Canadian football - 12
  • Rugby league - 13
  • Rugby union - 15
    • Rugby sevens - 7
  • Gaelic football - 15
  • Australian rules football - 18
  • Canadian soccer - 18

Lists of association football teams

Lists of Australian rules football teams


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