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Football in Cyprus is by far the most popular sport. While the national team has not enjoyed any success of note, the national association has gained an excellent reputation by organising various FIFA and UEFA events (tournaments, courses, meetings). The national team often surprises many observers by defeating higher-ranked countries, mostly on home soil.



Football was introduced to Cyprus early in the 20th century by the British. Initially played in the island's schools, it proved hugely popular and a number of clubs were duly formed. Football clubs played friendly games only and the first unofficial island-wide league was organised on 1932.


Cyprus Football Association

As football became established, the clubs were united in agreeing that an official body was needed to regulate the sport. In September 1934, the Cyprus Football Association (CFA) was formed and matches were soon being played on an official basis. The association became a FIFA member in 1948 and an UEFA member in 1962.

Pancyprian Footballers Association

Until the mid 80's, footballers in Cyprus did not have any organisation or union that promoted their interests. Players were usually paid minuscule wages and were forced to have other jobs in order to support themselves and their families. In December 12, 1987 the Pancyprian Footballers Association (Greek: Παγκύπριος Σύνδεσμος Ποδοσφαιριστών) was created. In February 25, 1997, the PFA became a FIFPro member. [1]

There are 52,403 (19,203 registered) players and 108 football clubs in Cyprus.[2]

League System

The governing body of football in Cyprus is the Cyprus Football Association. The first official league was organised in 1934. The Cyprus Football Association oversees the organization of:


National Team

The Cypriot national team has yet to qualify for any major FIFA or UEFA competition, but it has been improving in recent qualifying tournaments.

Cyprus' highest FIFA ranking (57th) came in October 2007. Cyprus is currently ranked 65th (October 2009 list).


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