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Footloose is a 1984 film directed by Herbert Ross and starring Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer, Dianne Wiest and John Lithgow.


Ren McCormick

  • Dancing is not a crime.
  • Hey, hey. What's this I see? I thought this was a party! Let's dance!
  • Hey, I like that hat, man. They sell men's clothes where you got that?


  • Ethel McCormick: [singing]
    Watching how the dust dances out the door
    Noticing my hands start to shake,
    Contemplating taking up smoking,
    Learning to be silent.


Chuck: I thought only pansies wore neckties.
Ren: See that? I thought only assholes used the word "pansy."

Theme song: "Footloose"

Lyrics by Kenny Loggins

I've got this feeling, that something's holding me down.
I'll hit the ceiling, and then I'll tear up this town!
And I gotta cut loose, footloose,
Kick off your Sunday shoes.

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Footloose is a movie with leading role actor, Kevin Bacon. John Lithgow, and Chris Penn are also in the film as co-stars. It is also a musicial on broadway.

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