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Footvolley (Portuguese: Futevôlei) is a sport which combines aspects of beach volleyball and football (soccer).[1]



Footvolley was created in Brazil, by Octavio de Moraes, in 1965[2] in Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana Beach as a means for soccer players to be able to touch the ball without violating the formal soccer ban at the time. Players would bring a soccer ball; but opt for the volleyball courts when the police would come ask for their ball. The game of footvolley - first call 'pevoley' literally meaning "footvolley" was discarded for "futevolei". Footvolley may have started in Rio de Janeiro; but cities like Recife, Salvador, Santos, and Florianopolis have players who have been playing footvolley since the 1970s. Teams of footvolley had five a side initially. Due to the skill level of the then footvolley athletes (nearly all were professional soccer players); the ball would rarely drop. Thus, the players began lowering the number of players on each side, eventually settling on 2 versus 2, which is still in use today.[3]

In recent years, professional soccer players have taken up footvolley in both promotional events and celebrity matches. Some notable Brazilian footballers who have played (or still play) footvolley are: Romário, Edmundo, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho Gaúcho, Júnior, and Edinho (1982 & 1986 National Team).[4]


Footvolley combines field rules that are based on those of beach volleyball with ball-touch rules taken from Soccer. Essentially footvolley is beach volleyball except no hands and a soccer ball replaces the volleyball.[5]

Points are awarded if the ball hits the ground in the opponents' court, if the opponents commit a fault, or if they fail to return the ball. Scoring is done using the rally point system (NEW volleyball rules). Matches may vary based on organizer's determination. Generally speaking matches are one set to 18 points; or best of three sets to 15 points (with third set to 11 points). The court is 29.5 feet x 59 ft (old beach volleyball). The height of the net varies based on the competition. The Official International Rule for the net height set is 2.2 meters or 7 feet 2 inches for the men's competition. For the women's competition, the height of the net should be set at 2 meters or 6 feet 6 inches. On the Pro Footvolley Tour, the height of the net is set at 2.1 meters or 6 feet 11 inches.[6]

International growth

Since the sport's inception in Brazil, footvolley has spread and gained popularity internationally, including Europe, the United States, and Asia. The very first international footvolley event held outside of Brazil was sponsored by the United States Footvolley Association in March 2003. This relatively small event is what kick-started the international grown of the sport.[7]

Major events have been held at many beach cities in countries around the world, including Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, Holland, Aruba, Thailand,[8], South Africa,[9] Brazil, etc.


United States

The Pro Footvolley Tour was launched in 2008. This new professional tour featured the best players in the US, and international guests at each event. The first Pro Footvolley Tour event was held in South Florida on Hollywood Beach in March, 2008. Brazilian soccer player Romario with his Rio de Janeiro based partner Joao Luis won the tournament beating a Deerfield Beach based squad of Paulo Ricardo and Alex Reis. This event drew 5,000 spectators, and was broadcast live on Univision.[10]

The Pro Footvolley Tour has attracted sponsors such as Bud Light, TAM Airlines, and Crowne Plaza; as well as partners such as Comcast SportsNet and others.[11]

National governing body

US Footvolley, based in Miami Beach, is the sport's national governing body (NGB.) It is chartered to grow the sport within the United States, sanction tournaments and equipment manufacturers; and represent the US in international competitions.[5]

To be eligible for competition in official US Footvolley competitions, the player needs to meet certain requirements, including having been an active member of US Footvolley during the current year and a resident of the United States, although exceptions can be provided for celebrity layers because footvolley is still a relatively new sport and celebritys help attention to the sport.[12] The US squad is determined by individual rank at the annual US Footvolley National Championships.[13]

United Kingdom

In April 2006 the England Team accompanied football legends John Barnes and Niall Quinn to a tournament in Pattaya, Thailand organized by the Thai Footvolley Federation.[14]

In 2007 the 2 events held were the Muller Rice Open in Croyde, and the Lamisil Once Footvolley Open in Brighton. Dirceu & Luigui were champions at both events, maintaining their unbeaten record and David & Gary, the England Footvolley Team No. 1 pair won the Shield Competition.[15]


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