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For the Birds

Title screen
Directed by Ralph Eggleston
Produced by John Lasseter (executive)
Karen Dufilho-Rosen
Written by Ralph Eggleston
Starring Ralph Eggleston
Music by Riders in the Sky
Editing by Jennifer Taylor
Tom Freeman
Distributed by Pixar Animation Studios
Release date(s) June 30, 2000
November 2, 2001 (with Monsters, Inc.)
Running time 3 min. 25 sec.

For the Birds is an animated short film, produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released in 2000. It was shown alongside a theatrical release of the 2001 Pixar feature film Monsters, Inc.



The film starts out when one small bird lands on a telephone wire. Then, another one flies down and makes itself comfortable on the same wire. The two birds start to chatter, and soon many birds flock out onto the wire, chattering to each other. Then a much larger and awkward-looking bird (who's sitting on the top of the pole) honks and brings their attention. He has funny feathers that stick up. The smaller birds start taunting and teasing him by puffing up and sticking up the top feather on the very top of their head, which is accompanied by short high-pitched beeps. Then the small birds scoot over along the wire, away from the large bird. They start suspiciously chattering about the large bird. The large bird interrupts them by honking loudly and puffing up his head feathers higher than before. The smaller birds look up from their chatting. The larger bird moves from the pole to the wire, heavily weighing it down and causing the smaller birds to slide inwards and crowd together, much to their dismay. They start looking up at the large bird and chatter angrily to him. The large bird persists in trying to win their friendship, until at last the smaller birds decide to shove him from their perch, eventually ending up with the larger bird upside down. Two birds decide to peck at his toes and shake the wire to loosen him off. One of the other birds gets the flock of birds (except for the pecking ones and the large one) to start making a pee-uh, pee-uh noise. The larger bird honks up to them with a happy look on his face, even though he's upside down. While the flock chirps, the same one who started the flock talk notices the telephone wire's low altitude with the weight of the large bird, which would snap back and sling all of the little birds upwards. It warns the flock be making a chee, chee, chee noise. The peckers watch as the last toe of the large bird slides off and they end up being flung upward violently and losing all their feathers. The larger bird lands on his head after the fall. The small birds' feathers drift down, and the large bird sniffs them. Then the smaller birds start falling from the sky. When the first one falls, the larger bird kindly hands it a leaf. He doesn't do it to the other birds. Realizing they are now completely nude, the birds all crowd behind the larger bird to hide themselves. The larger bird can't help laughing.


  • 2002-Oscar-Best Short Animated Film
  • 2001-Vancouver Effects and Animation Festival-Animated Computer 3D Short
  • 2001-Anima Mundi Animation Festival-Best Film x2
  • 2001-Chicago International Children's Film Festival-Short Film or Video - Animation-Second Place
  • 2000-Annie Awards-Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Short Subject
  • 2000-Sitges - Catalan International Film Festival-Best Animated Short Film


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