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fordirelifesake were a post-hardcore band from Detroit, Michigan. Formed in 1999, the band self-released their first EP in 2000. During this time, they began playing shows with bands such as Poison the Well, Walls of Jericho, and New Found Glory.

In 2002, fordirelifesake signed to Cloud Over Head Records and released their first full-length album, Breathing In Is Only Half the Function. The band toured extensively with Boys Night Out in support of the album. After signing to Forge Again Records, the band released a remastered version of this album. During this time, they continued with their rigorous tour schedule, playing with bands such as Thursday.

Their first split was with a fellow Michigan band, Wafflehouse*. During a brief European tour, the band was approached by Skipworth Records to release their album in Europe and Asia. In 2003, Skipworth released the split with Deluge, a band from the Netherlands.

Currently, the band is on Thorp Records. In 2004, fordirelifesake released their second full-length, Dance.Pretend.Forget.Defend. After the release of the album, guitarist Brian Southall left the band to join Boys Night Out, and eventually The Receiving End of Sirens. Another member of Boys Night Out, Kara Dupuy has performed guest vocals in several fordirelifesake songs.

During the summer of 2005, the band re-released their self-titled EP and a collection of tracks from split releases as A Daydream Disaster.

Matthew Wedge, lead vocals, also contributed vocals to the Ontario based post-hardcore band, Rosesdead. To date their only release is the full length album, Stages, under One Day Savior records.

The band announced their last show at The Magic Stick in Detroit, November 28 2008. Shortly after their last show in Detroit, the band announced a final international tour to Japan, officially ending the band at the completion of that tour.



  • Eric Kempa - Guitar, Vocals
  • Justin Malek - Drums, Vocals
  • Brian Southall - Guitar, Vocals
  • Matthew Wedge - Vocals
  • David Wisbiski - Bass, Vocals

Former Members

  • Ryan Podlubny - Bass, Vocals
  • Ryan Monaghan - Guitar
  • Chuck Vroom - Bass



Main Albums

  • Breathing In Is Only Half the Function (Cloud Over Head, 2002) - LP
  • Breathing In Is Only Half the Function (Skipworth, 2002) - LP
  • Breathing In Is Only Half the Function [Remastered] (Forge Again, 2002) - LP
  • Dance.Pretend.Forget.Defend (Thorp, 2004) - LP
  • Dance.Pretend.Forget.Defend (Skipworth, 2004) - LP

EPs and Singles

  • fordirelifesake (self-released, 2000) - EP
  • fordirelifesake (Forge Again, 2001) - EP

Splits and Compilations

  • Split (/w Wafflehouse*) (Forge Again, 2001)
  • Split (/w Deluge) (Skipworth, 2003)
  • Split (/w Hewhocorrupts) (Forge Again, 2002)
  • A Daydream Disaster (Thorp, 2005) - LP


  • Live in the D - Live DVD (February 9, 2006)

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