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"Foreclosure of a Dream"
Single by Megadeth
from the album Countdown to Extinction
Released October 1992
Recorded 1992
Genre Heavy metal
Length 4:21
Label Capitol
Producer Dave Mustaine
Megadeth singles chronology
"Symphony of Destruction"
"Foreclosure of a Dream"
"Angry Again"

"Foreclosure of a Dream" is a song by the heavy metal band Megadeth, from their album Countdown to Extinction. It was released as a single and charted at #30 on the "Mainstream Rock Tracks" Billboard chart.[1]

"'Foreclosure of a Dream' relates to something that happened with my family back in Hartland [Minnesota]. The Foreclosure of a Dream can be for financial or spiritual reasons. More often than not it's financial. When that's the case, it has a lot to do with politics and bullshit of that nature. In this case it deals with losing a farm, but pretty much everyone in the country right now can relate to the crunch of the recession." (Ellefson, 1992) [2]

"It's about what happened to my family under the Reagan administration. The government put my family, who were farmers in Minnesota, out of business." (Ellefson, 1992) [3]

"The government dictates everything to us. What it can't get over on the black and Hispanic man, it gets over on the white. It's about reagonmics and how it took advantage of the real nucleus of America — the farmers." (Mustaine, 1992) [4]

"This was an unbelievably difficult album to make. Max Norman, Dave Mustaine and myself are all uncompromising perfectionists and when you get the three of us together in the studio doing guitars, it turns into a 'let's make it even more perfect' competition. At the end of the day, the record was damn near perfect, but making it was tedious and painstaking. On 'Foreclosure...' I was doing the clean acoustic guitar verses. Typically it takes a few minutes to play a part like that, but we were having problems getting a tone we liked and problems with string noise as well as tuning issues. It was an intense hard day. That said, I was alone in the studio with Max dealing with total guitar hell for the entire day. It was rough. We were in intense concentration so there was a sign on the studio door that said, 'Keep Out! This Means You!'. Despite this sign, a very well known, famous producer who will remain unnamed here, just opens the door and with a jolly tone in his voice says, 'Hey guys, how's it going?' People who know me know that my demeanor is usually extremely calm, cool and easygoing. But this day, despite the fact that this famous producer is one of my all-time favorite producers, when he walked in and said that, I shouted sharply at him, 'What the fuck, dude? You know how to read or what?' Aghast, he turned around and left the studio. The intensity level was boiling." (Friedman, 2002) [5]

Track listing

  1. Foreclosure of a Dream - 4:20
  2. Skin o' My Teeth (live) - 4:02
  3. Foreclosure of a Dream (edit) - 4:00

The European version of the single also contains "Symphony of Destruction (Gristle Mix)".


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