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Georgia's location, nestled between the Black Sea, Russia, and Turkey, gives it strategic importance far beyond its size. It is developing as the gateway from the Black Sea to the Caucasus and the larger Caspian region, but also serves as a buffer between Russia and Turkey. Georgia has a long and close relationship with Russia, but it is reaching out to its other neighbors and looking to the West in search of alternatives and opportunities. It signed a partnership and cooperation agreement with the European Union, participates in the Partnership for Peace, and encourages foreign investment. France, Germany, the United Kingdom,and the United States all have embassies in Tbilisi.

Georgia is a member of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, and the OSCE

Because of its strategic location it is in both the Russian and American spheres of influence.

Disputes - international: Georgia relationships with Russia are at it lowest point in modern history due to Georgian-Russian espionage controversy and due to the 2008 South Ossetia war, Georgia broke off diplomatic relations with Russia and has left the Commonwealth of Independent States.


Relations by country


Neighboring countries

Country Formal Relations Began Notes
 Armenia See Armenia–Georgia relations
 Azerbaijan 1919-06-16 See Azerbaijan–Georgia relations
 Russia See Georgia–Russia relations

On August 29, 2008, in the aftermath of the 2008 South Ossetia war, Deputy Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze announced that Georgia had broken diplomatic relations with Russia. He also said that Russian diplomats must leave Georgia, and that no Georgian diplomat would remain in Russia, while only consular relations would be maintained. Russian foreign ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko said that Russia regretted this step.[2]

 Turkey See Georgian–Turkish relations


Country Formal Relations Began Notes
 Austria 1993-01-18
 Belarus See Foreign relations of Belarus
 Bulgaria 1992-06-05 See Bulgaria–Georgia relations
 Cyprus See Foreign relations of Cyprus
 Czech Republic See Foreign relations of the Czech Republic
 Denmark See Foreign relations of Denmark
 Estonia See Foreign relations of Estonia
 Finland See Foreign relations of Finland
 France See Foreign relations of France
 Germany 1992-04-13
 Hungary 1992-04-14
 Italy 1992-04-11 See Georgia–Italy relations
 Latvia 1993-03-11
 Lithuania 1994-09-16
 Malta See Georgia–Malta relations
 Moldova 1992-06-25
 Poland 1992-04-28 See Georgia–Poland relations
  • Georgia has an embassy in Warsaw.
  • Poland has an embassy in Tbilissi.
 Romania 1992-06-25
 Serbia 1995-06-26
  • Georgia has an embassy in Stockholm.
  • Sweden has an embassy in Tbilisi.
  • After the war, when Abkhazia and South Ossetia broke away from Georgia, Georgia and Sweden both did not recognize the independence of both states. There were protests near the Russian embassy in Stockholm, as the war was going on August 12, 2008. The protests was held by a group of Georgians and Swedes.
 Switzerland 1992-06-10
 Ukraine See Georgia–Ukraine relations

Relations between Georgia and Ukraine and between the Georgian and Ukrainian people in particular last from the Middle Ages.

 United Kingdom 1992-04-27


Country Formal Relations Began Notes¨
 India 1992-09-28
 Iran 1992-05-15 See Persia-Georgia relations, Georgia–Iran relations
  • Persia and Georgia have had relations for thousands of years.
 Israel 1992-06-01 See Georgia–Israel relations
  • Georgia has an embassy in Tel Aviv.
  • Israel has an embassy in Tbilissi.
  • There are 13,000 Jews living in Georgia.
 Japan 1992-08-03 See Georgia–Japan relations
 Kazakhstan 1992-07-24
 Malaysia 1993-05-07
 People's Republic of China 1992-06-09

Rest of world

Country Formal Relations Began Notes
 Botswana 2010-01-2010 See Foreign relations of Botswana
 Canada See Foreign relations of Canada
 Egypt 1992-05-11
  • Nicaraguan-Georgian diplomatic relations ended on November 29, 2008. The Georgian Foreign Ministry said that it had cut diplomatic ties with Nicaragua in a response to the latter’s recognition of independence of breakaway South Ossetia and Abkhazia.[19]
 South Africa 1993-04-23
 United States See Georgia – United States relations

On January 9, 2009, the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Georgian Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze signed a Charter on Strategic Partnership, a nonbinding document outlining areas of cooperation and reiterating the U.S. support for Georgia's territorial integrity and to Georgia's NATO membership.[20]

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