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The forelock is a part of a horse's mane, that grows from the animal's poll and falls between the ears and onto the forehead. Some equines, such as ponies, have a naturally thick forelock, while other breeds (such as many Thoroughbreds) have a thinner forelock. The forelock is also referred to as the 'foretop'.


It is usually braided for some competitions, such as dressage and hunt seat riding shows. Other breeds, such as the Andalusian, are usually shown with a long, full, and combed forelock rather than braided. The forelock may also be roached (shaved off) in some competitions such as polo.

Human use

Forelock or Forelock is also slang for a human hair style popular in the 1980s. In the 19th century, it was a common salute where a person saluted another by "tugging the forelock" (see Salute).


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