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Fork Union Military Academy
Established 1897
Type Baptist, Private, College Preparatory, Military Non-ROTC, Boarding,Southern Baptist
President Lt. Gen. John E. Jackson
Dean Lt. Col Miller
Faculty 175
Staff 32
Students 535 (est)
Location Fork Union, Fluvanna County, Virginia, USA
Campus rural, 500 acres (2 km²)
Sports Post-graduate, Varsity and Junior Varsity teams including football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, track and field, swimming, diving, Soccer, cross country, rifle, and multiple club and intramural sports,wrestling
Colors Red, White, Blue and Gold
Nickname The Fork, FUMA
Mascot Blue Devils
Motto: Body, Mind and Spirit

Fork Union Military Academy is a Baptist military school in Fork Union, Virginia. The school is more commonly known by its acronym FUMA (pronounced "few-mah" through the 70's and now pronounced "phu-mah"). The school has two academic "sessions", the summer session, and regular school session.



The official mission of Fork Union Military Academy is to provide young men a college preparatory education in a residential, Christian environment. Using a military system, FUMA focuses on teaching responsibility, leadership, and discipline along with academics and athletics.

Military organization is used to structure the daily routine.While the academy currently has no direct relationship with any branch of the military, the school's system has been in place for more than 100 years.

FUMA's crest shows a pair of crossed swords, a book and a star. These three symbols represent FUMA's leading principles and motto: body, mind, and spirit.

The Academy also offers a four-week, non-military summer session including courses in English, History, Language, Mathematics and Scienctific

Discipline and Structure

Fork Union Military Academy provides a structured environment. Violations of rules have predictable consequences. The most frequent form of consequences is based on a demerit system that results in "tours" of marching back and forth for 45 minutes (45 minutes equals one "tour") or standing at attention or parade rest if it is raining or too cold outside. Each cadet is given a standard number of credits each session to offset demerit penalties, so getting demerits doesn't automatically mean a cadet must march tours. Cadets with rank can give demerits to cadets of lower rank for offenses, but there is often an informal administrative process that includes several cadets of responsible rank and a faculty member. Infractions for study hall (CQ) violations and failure to complete homework are severe but do not negatively impact grades. For example, a cadet with a full set of credits who fails to turn in two consecutive homework assignments can quickly lose all his afternoon free time to marching tours for about half a week. A study hall infraction can also lead to loss of a chance to go home for a leave weekend. This is an incentive for cadets to complete their homework assignments.

Excessive demerits can cost cadets privileges, free time, and sometimes even visits home.The most typical punishment is marching Extra Duty Tours, commonly referred to as E.D.

Cadets are not permitted to haze or physically abuse one another and violation of these rules can, but does not always, result in expulsion. Honor code violations (such as lying, cheating, stealing) can result in expulsion. The Academy has a zero tolerance policy on alcohol and drugs. Possession or use can result in expulsion.

The Corps of Cadets is divided into two battalions, the Middle School and the Upper School. Middle School cadets are 6th grade through 8th grade. The Middle School battalion consists of two companies, Alpha and Bravo. The battalion is run by a cadre of cadet officers chosen because of their behavior and leadership potential. Both companies are housed in the Middle School Barracks. The Middle School cadets are generally from Upper School cadets with separate chains of command, cadet officers, faculty, and facilities between the two schools. The Middle School fields its own sports teams including football, basketball, and intramural activities.

The Upper School consists of cadets from 9th grade through Postgraduate year. The Upper School cadets reside in two barracks. Snead Hall is home to Alpha, Bravo, and Band Companies. Memorial Hall is home to Charlie and Echo Companies. There is no Delta Company in order to honor cadets who were injured in a fire that burned the Delta Company barracks in the 1950s. There is also a drill team platoon, Retan Rifle,(although for parades only) that performs in parades across Virginia. The Upper School has a full range of Prep (high school) and Varsity (postgraduate) sports programs. Cadet officers and non-commissioned officers are part of each company. Faculty officers are also assigned to each company to supervise the cadets. The Upper School also has its own marching band, complete with a bagpipe corps.


The school has been operating since 1898 in central Virginia since it was founded by Dr. William E. Hatcher. The school has historically had many benefactors that have helped keep it up and running, and evidence of this can be seen in the names of its buildings. For example, the Guy E. Beatty Library, the Estes Dining Center, Hatcher Hall, and the Wicker Science Center.

FUMA is a non-profit organization that is managed by a board of trustees. See "Our Promises to Our Donors".  

FUMA Athletics

Fork Union Military Academy hosts a range of interscholastic athletic teams including Football, Basketball, Cross Country, Track and Field, Shooting Sports, and Swimming and Diving. Several athletes have graduated or left the academy to pursue careers on professional teams, or compete in collegiate athletic programs. FUMA has had 70 players drafted or signed by NFL teams, with at least 30 players making their way into the starting lineup of a regular season game. FUMA has seen 10 players selected in the First Round of the NFL Draft since 1954, 7 players selected to one or more Pro Bowl appearances and at least 12 players on teams that played in SuperBowl games[1].

Notable alumni


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