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Fortress Forever
Fortress forever.jpg
Developer(s) Fortress Forever Development Team
Engine Source engine
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) 2007-09-13[1]
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer
System requirements Source SDK Base
(i.e. Half Life 2)
Input methods Keyboard, mouse

Fortress Forever is a Half-Life 2 mod that uses the game's Source Engine. The game is based on Team Fortress Classic, but has been created entirely from scratch by the Fortress Forever development team. The intended scope of Fortress Forever is to please older Team Fortress Classic fans, while at the same time creating a game enjoyable enough to players new to Team Fortress styled games.

Fortress Forever was released on September 13, 2007.[1] The game is freely available to all who have purchased Half-Life 2 or any other game running off the Source Engine. As of February 10th 2009, Fortress Forever is on build 2.4.



According to a developer team member, Fortress Forever was in development (planning phase) for more than a year before the Half-Life 2 SDK was released.[2][3]

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Fortress Forever is a Team Fortress mod, based on Valve's Team Fortress Classic, or TFC, which utilizes Half-Life 2's Source Engine. The mod will be created entirely from scratch by its developers. The intended scope for Fortress Forever is to please the diehard Team Fortress Classic fans, while at the same time creating a game enjoyable enough to players new to Team Fortress styled games. The developers have promised to keep the game free to all who have purchased Half-Life 2. Currently there is no set date for the release of Fortress Forever.


Some Screen shots

Hunted Bases Well
Image:hunted_s.jpg Image:bases_s.jpg Image:well_s.jpg
Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

More at Fortress Forver's Media Page

Preview Videos

Dustbowl Gameplay
Image:Dustbowlvalley_1.jpg Image:Ff_vid.jpg
YouTube Link YouTube Link

Differences from Valve's Team Fortress Classic

  • Fortress Forever will utilize lua scripting for its map gameplay setups, allowing maps to be much more customizable than TFC with its goal entity system (which is still very customizable compared to many other games).
  • Bunnyhopping in Fortress Forever will differ from Team Fortress Classic's current system of bunnyhopping (allowing for a maximum of 170% speed limit). In Fortress Forever, "you can't just hold down the jump button but as long as you've released it and pressed+held it again before you hit the ground then you will just jump back up again." The developers have stated the difference should please veterans and newcomers alike. Bunnyhopping will not be able to be changed server-side. Bunnyhopping will be capped, but in a much smoother way than TFC's instant-cap.
  • Teleporters were added to TFC in a patch by Valve and will not be included in Fortress Forever.
  • The Spy will be unable to feign death due to difficulties involved with the Source Engine's ragdoll physics. To make up for this, the Spy will be able to cloak, sabotage defensive structures made by enemy Engineers, and other undisclosed features.
  • There will be built-in bots (Omni-bot).
  • Fortress Forever will include various training modes.
  • The Engineer's railgun projectiles will bounce off surfaces, and will change color, speed, and damage after each bounce.
  • Fortress Forever will include a Quake style of jumping called trimping. (Ramp sliding will still be available, but you will have to choose which to use prior to hitting the ramp.)
  • More intelligent Sentry Guns, according to its developers. Sentry guns, dispensers, and detpacks will also be put in as weapons slots (as well as in the command menu list, or GUI).
  • A visual grenade timer will be included.
  • In game localized text will be included in all the "main languages."
  • The Sniper's auto-rifle (AR) will have reduced accuracy, slower rate of fire, and will include a magazine that will have to be reloaded (briefly).
  • The Spy will be susceptible to higher falls with less damage and create less noise (when crouching) than all the other classes.
  • While disguised, the Spy will be able to change the weapon model that other players see.
  • The Civilian will have specialized armor to protect himself from the Sniper's AR and nailgun.
  • The Soldier's rockets will have an increased hitbox.
  • The grenade's splash radius will be decreased.
  • The Heavy Guy's assault cannon will have reduced power. This functionality is undisclosed so far, but it has been rumored that it will have some kind of chargeup variable rate of fire.
  • The Scout's caltrops explode out of a thrown canister that explodes on a timer like every other grenade in the game instead of just shooting out of the player instantly like in TFC.
  • The Pyro's rocket launcher model will be separate from the Soldier's and act differently than just a rocket, with an end result of setting the victim on fire.
  • Nail grenade glitch will not be included.
  • Players will not be able to pickup resupply bags if they already have a full stock of ammo (same for grenade bags).
  • Fortress Forever will include %l and %c (in addition to %a and %h) commands to relay your location and class, respectively.
  • Will include vectorized crosshairs with "inner" and "outer" pieces for something close to 1,248 combinations (24 inner x 52 outer). Color, scale, and translucency will also be customizable.
  • There will be no mouth movement on player models when in game voice transmission is used (unlike TFC's new models).
  • The Scout's special skill will be replaced.

Similarities between Valve's Team Fortress Classic

Though Fortress Forever will not be a direct port of TFC, major game play dynamics will not change, except for the features noted above. Fortress Forever will include all 10 classes (which includes the Civilian who has been modified to appear as Winston Churchill in Fortress Forever). Fortress Forever will also include other game types besides the typical capture the flag (CTF) style (see maps below).


(Details needed regarding the creation of Fortress Forever.)

Development team

A list of people currently working on the creation of Fortress Forever.

Team Lead / Project Manager
Lead Programmer
Kevin "FryGuy" Hjelden 
Gavin "Mirvin_Monkey" Bramhill 
Vacationing Programmer
Bug fixing
Map Design
Mark "Defrag" Simpson 
Lead Map Design
Map Design
Chris "eat" Newman 
Map Design
Jesse "trepid_jesse" Davis 
Map Design
Jon "trepid_jon" Day 
Map Design
Bryan "Zouave" Dillow 
Map Design
Media & Art
Michael "BritishTang" Jones 
Lead Sound Design
Sindre "decs" Grønvoll 
Lead Texture Artist
Lead Modeler
Leonard "Stranger" Burton 
Musician / Composer
Tommy "Blunkka" Blomqvist 
Map Texture Artist
Zach "DarkKnightBG" Baharov 
Fooley Cooley 
Paul "MrBeefy" Painter 
Map Texture Artist
Kenneth "omen" Jacobsen 
Prop Artist
Brandon "Spewok" Blackwell 
Character Texture Artist
Gameplay Mechanics
Kelly "Dospac" Dickinson 
Gameplay Design
Jason "FriedBunny" Wray 
Site Design
Beta Activities
Community Beta Co-Lead

Past members

Past people who have worked on the development of Fortress Forever.

Niall "billdoor" FitzGibbon 
Map Design
Shawn "L0ki" Smith 
Evan "Ghroth" Braa-Heidner 
Lead Sound Design
Map Texture Artist
Andrew "Innes" Innes 
Animator / Modeler
Rob "Zazi" Kermes 
Map Design
Map Design
Nick "omega" Best 
Map Design
Dave "Chemical Burn" Vanderburg 
Map Design
Gameplay Design
Fredrik "Phero" Svensson 
Severin "sev" Odic 
Lead Modeler
Jeremy "dr_nick" Todd 
Concept Artist
Craig "craigweb" Perks 
Map Texture Artist
Richard "KoKo5oVaR" Malinar 
Prop Artist

Maps by Fortress Forever

A list of maps being created by Fortress Forever to come automatically with the game:

Capture the Flag

  • 2Fort
  • Bases
  • Crossover
  • Monkey
  • Openfire
  • Rock2
  • Schtop
  • Shutdown2
  • Torch
  • Uno
  • Well

Attack and Defend

  • Avanti
  • Cornfield
  • Dustbowl
  • Palermo


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External links

  • Fortress Forever Homepage
  • TFL-FF, a Fortress Forever league for clans
  • UGC-FF, a Fortress Forever league for clans

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