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The Fourth Reich is a term used to describe a theoretical future successor of the Third Reich. The term had currency in the 1960s and 1970s because several West German political figures, such as Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger, had had ties to the Third Reich regime. In terms of neo-Nazism, the Fourth Reich is envisioned as featuring Aryan supremacy, anti-Semitism, Lebensraum, aggressive militarism and totalitarianism. Subsequently, neo-Nazis believe that this rise would pave the way for the establishment of the Western Imperium, a pan-Aryan world empire encompassing lands with prominent Aryan ties (Europe, Russia, Anglo-America, Australia, New Zealand, and Southern South America). In Germany, the Anti-Germans feared a Fourth Reich after the reunification of Germany and the wave of racist crimes and pogroms.

In his book, The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies That Threaten to Take Over America, Jim Marrs argues that some surviving members of Germany's Third Reich, along with sympathizers in the United States and elsewhere, given safe haven by organizations like ODESSA and Die Spinne, have been working behind the scenes since the end of World War II to enact at least some of the principles of Nazism (e.g. militarism, fascism, conquest, widespread spying on citizens, use of corporations and propaganda to control national interests and ideas) into culture, government, and business worldwide, but primarily in the United States. He cites the influence of Nazis brought into the United States at the end of World War II, such as Nazi scientists brought in under Operation Paperclip to help advance aerospace in the US, and the acquisition and creation of conglomerates by Nazis and their sympathizers after the war, in both Europe and the US.

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