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Fox News Radio is an American radio network programmed by Fox News Channel. Some of the cable news channel's most popular personalities' radio shows are syndicated or produced by Fox News Radio, including Bill O'Reilly and Alan Colmes.



In 2003, Fox News began syndicating one minute radio updates to radio stations via syndication service Westwood One. On June 1, 2005, Fox News Radio employed 60 people and provided five minute newscasts at the top of the hour and a one minute newscast at the bottom of the hour. At its launch, 60 stations participated in the network, with more joining under a deal struck between Fox and Clear Channel Communications. This allowed many Clear Channel stations to carry Fox News Radio newscasts and allowed Fox News Radio to use and nationally distribute news content produced by Clear Channel.

Fox also produces Fox News Talk for both satellite radio services, with talk radio programs syndicated by and featuring Fox News personalities.


Fox News Radio also syndicates the following radio programs hosted by its TV personalities:

Three other radio programs hosted by Fox News Channel personalities are or were distributed by other companies. The Radio Factor hosted by Bill O'Reilly was produced by Fox News Radio but syndicated separately by Westwood One. This is because when Fox News started producing O'Reilly's radio show in 2002, it did not have the resources to syndicate, and thus outsourced the distribution to Westwood One. Fox and Westwood One have since renewed the agreement, in 2006 and again in 2007; O'Reilly decided to leave the show in February 2009. (Because The Radio Factor was produced by Fox, it is available on Fox News Talk, Fox's satellite radio channel. Westwood One does not sell its programs to satellite services.)

The talk radio program hosted by FNC's Sean Hannity is syndicated by ABC Radio (which began in 2001), but switched to Premiere Radio Networks at the beginning of 2009. The program hosted by FNC addition Glenn Beck is also currently syndicated by Premiere.

Aside from Hannity, the Fox News Channel radio hosts also appear on the Fox News Talk satellite radio channel, along with the satellite-only program Fox Across America hosted by Spencer Hughes. Hannity's program, The Sean Hannity Show, appears on the America Right and Sirius Patriot satellite channels.

On November 12, 2007, Fox News Radio debuted a 3-6 PM (Eastern) show hosted Tom Sullivan, a long-time California radio talk show host who is an anchor on the company's Fox Business Network. Sullivan's show continues to air on its original home station, Sacramento's KFBK, and is also now being offered to other stations.[1]

On the Fox News Talk satellite channel, the Sullivan show follows Fox Across America with Spencer Hughes, another former local talk show host for KFBK.


The network also provides around-the-clock newscasts on the hour and on the half-hour. Depending on a station's affiliation, they either receive a five-minute newscast or a one-minute newscast. Breaking news reports (dubbed Fox News Alerts), correspondent and expert interview availabilities, special broadcasts marking historic or newsworthy events, anchored "as-it-happens" coverage, and clean feeds of news events complete the affiliate service package. Affiliates also have access to Web site with a constantly updating selection of news maker audio and correspondent reports.

Newscasts are regularly anchored by Dave Anthony, Lisa Brady, Ken Duffy, Lori London, Jane Metzler, Chris Stanley, Bill Vitka, Lisa Lacerra, Karyn Regal, Ron Flatter, and Sal Giangrasso. Correspondents include Todd Starnes, Jeff Monosso and Kirstin McNary (in New York); in Washington, Rich Johnson (White House), Mike Majchowitz and Chris Barnes; in Los Angeles, Jessica Rosenthal and Sabrina Sabbagh. Eben Brown reports from Miami. Alistair Wanklin in London and Courtney Kealy in Jerusalem serve as foreign correspondents.


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