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A foxhound is a type of large hunting hound. Foxhounds hunt in packs and, like all scent hounds, have a strong sense of smell. They are used in hunts for foxes, hence the name. When out hunting they are followed usually on horseback and will travel several miles to catch their target. These dogs have strong natural instincts to hunt and are energetic and active. The foxhound is also the state dog in Virginia. It is used to guard sheep or houses. But it is suppose to be used for hunting.

There are four breeds of foxhound, each often called simply Foxhound in their native countries:



In North America, the American Kennel Club reported that in 2005 the English Foxhound was their least registered breed with 22 registrations, with the American Foxhound being fourth to last with 44 registrations. For comparison, the top registered breed, the Labrador Retriever, had 137,867 registrations during the same year.[1] In general, large, active hunting dogs that traditionally are kept in large packs in rural areas do not adapt well to being city or suburban pets. Owners of foxhounds from countries outside the US do not use the American Kennel Club for registering their dogs, and within the US many huntiers prefer to register their dogs with the United Kennel Club or regional hunt clubs. Producers of puppies for the pet market often register through one of the many minor kennel clubs and internet-based dog registry businesses.

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Foxhound (plural Foxhounds)

  1. NATO reporting name for the Soviet Mig 31 aircraft.


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