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François-Xavier Garneau

François-Xavier Garneau
Born June 15, 1809(1809-06-15)
Quebec, Lower Canada
Died February 3, 1866
Quebec, Quebec
Occupation notary, civil servant, historian, poet

François-Xavier Garneau (June 15, 1809 – February 2 or February 3, 1866)[1] was a nineteenth century French Canadian notary, poet, civil servant and liberal who wrote a three-volume history of the French Canadian nation entitled Histoire du Canada between 1845 and 1848.

Born in Quebec City, Garneau argued that Conquest was a tragedy, the consequence of which was a perpetual struggle against the forces of English Canada for the French Canadian nation; this struggle would continue into the future as long as French Canadians were under the oppressive reign of the British. The book was originally written as a response to the Durham report, which claimed that French Canadian culture was stagnant and that it would be best served through Anglophone assimilation.

Garneau died on February 2 or February 3, 1866.



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