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Françoise Pitel

Françoise Pitel de Longchamp (17 January 1662 – 30 September 1721), known as Fanchon Longchamps, was a French actress. She retired from the theater in 1701 and became a mistress of Louis, Dauphin of France, by whom she had three daughters.

She was born on January 17, 1662 in Grenoble to Henri Pitel de Longchamp and Charlotte Legrand. Her father, mother, maternal grandfather, sister and brother-in-law were all actors or actresses. On November 27, 1679 she married the talented French actor Jean-Baptiste Raisin (born 1656 in Troyes, died 1693). Over the course of their fourteen-year marriage she bore him eight children. After his death in September 1693, she became a mistress of Louis de Bourbon, Dauphin of France and had three daughters by him:

  • Mlle de Fleury, born in Meudon, died young.
  • Anne-Louise, Mlle de Fleury, later Mme d'Avaugour (1695 – August 1716), married Anne Errard, marquis d'Avaugour.
  • Charlotte, Mlle de Fleury, later Mme de La Jonchère (6 February 1697–1750), married Gérard Michel de La Jonchère.

She died on September 30, 1721 in Vignats.


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