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Morocco – France relations
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Morocco – France relations are bilateral relations between Morocco and France. France showed a strong interest in Morocco as early as 1830. The United Kingdom recognized France's "sphere of influence" in Morocco in the 1904 Entente Cordiale. This provoked a German reaction, and the "crisis" of 1905-1906 was resolved at the Algeciras Conference in 1906, formalizing France's "special position" and entrusted policing of Morocco jointly to France and Spain. A second "Moroccan crisis" provoked by Berlin, increased European Great Power tensions, but the Treaty of Fez (signed on March 30, 1912) made Morocco a protectorate of France. From a strictly legal point of view, the treaty did not deprive Morocco of its status as a sovereign state. In late 1955, Mohammed V successfully negotiated the gradual restoration of Moroccan independence within a framework of French-Moroccan interdependence.

France remains the primary trade partner (supplier and customer) of Morocco. France is also the primary creditor and foreign investor in Morocco.


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