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Francesca Buller (born 20 January 1964 in Great Britain) is an English actress best known for her portrayal of various characters in the TV series Farscape, most notably that of War Minister Ahkna. She also has performed in theatre roles, including in Hamlet and Merchant of Venice.

Buller is married to fellow actor Ben Browder, who played John Crichton on Farscape, whom she met while she was studying at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Buller was nominated for Best Special Guest Television in Bad Timing for the SyFy Genre Awards.



Notable TV Guest Appearances

  • Farscape playing "Minister Ahkna" in "Bad Timing" (episode # 4.22) 21 March 2003
  • Farscape playing "Minister Ahkna" "We're So Screwed Part III: La Bomba" (episode # 4.21) 14 March 2003
  • Farscape playing "Minister Ahkna" "We're So Screwed Part II: Hot to Katratzi" (episode # 4.20) 7 March 2003
  • Farscape playing "Minister Ahkna" "Bringing Home the Beacon" (episode # 4.16) 7 February 2003
  • Farscape playing "Raxil" "Scratch 'n Sniff" (episode # 3.13) 20 July 2001
  • Farscape playing "ro-NA" "Look at the Princess Part II: I Do, I Think" (episode # 2.12) 28 July 2000
  • Farscape playing "ro-NA" "Look at the Princess Part I: A Kiss is But a Kiss" (episode # 2.11) 21 July 2000
  • Farscape playing "M'Lee" "Bone to Be Wild" (episode # 1.21) 21 January 2000
  • Father Dowling Mysteries playing "Gloria" "The Royal Mystery" (episode # 3.1) 20 September 1990

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