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Frank Iero
Birth name Frank Anthony Iero, Jr.
Born October 31, 1981 (1981-10-31) (age 28) Belleville, New Jersey, United States
Genres Rock
Occupations Musician, Guitarist, Singer
Instruments Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Associated acts Pencey Prep,
I Am Graveyard,
My Chemical Romance,
The Love Cats,
Reggie And The Full Effect

Frank Anthony Iero, Jr. (born October 31, 1981) is the rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist of the alternative rock band My Chemical Romance and the vocalist of the hardcore punk band Leathermouth. He was born in Belleville, New Jersey and attended Queen of Peace High School in North Arlington.[citation needed] He went to Rutgers University on a scholarship, but dropped out. Iero's parents split when he was young and he grew up living with his mother, who nicely lent out her basement to her son's many band practices; his father was a musician and a big influence on young Iero wanting to learn an instrument. He first tried drums, later picked up the guitar instead, and began playing in bands at age 11. When Frank was younger he suffered from Epstein-Barr virus, ear infections & bronchitis. Frank suffered numerous lacerations to his head, hands, and knees.

Frank has many tattoos. Some tattoos he has include a tattoo of the letters "N" and "J" inside his lip; a jack-o-lantern, which he got on his 18th birthday; and the word "HALLOWEEN" tattooed on his fingers. He recently got a tattoo on his neck that references Jamia Nestor. Kat Von D did a tattoo for him of his Grandfather, Frank Sr., on his left shoulder. His newest Tattoo is of both his grandmothers on his right lower arm that was also done by Kat Von D. Frank used to have piercings, but took them all out. He used to have the left side of his lip pierced and the right side of his nose pierced but it was ripped out of his nose by a towel and he took out his plugs (for stretched earlobes) because he got tired of them.[citation needed]

Before joining My Chemical Romance he participated in several bands, including I Am A Graveyard, Pencey Prep, Hybrid, Sector 12, and Give Up the Ghost. Iero is the frontman of hardcore punk quintet Leathermouth, who released their debut album XO in January of 2009, on Epitaph Records. He is also involved in a tribute band to The Cure named The Love Cats, after the song of the same name, and recently played bass with Reggie And The Full Effect on their farewell tour. Iero is the co-founder of record company and clothing label Skeleton Crew.

Iero was a judge for the 7th annual Independent Music Awards to support independent artists.[1]

On March 18, Frank announced in the My Chemical Romance official website that he and his wife, Jamia Nestor, are expecting twins. The children are expected to be born in late summer, 2010.


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Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Jr.
Birth name Franklin Anthony Thomas Iero Jr.
Born October 31, 1981 (1981-10-31) (age 29)
Belleville, New Jersey, United States
Genres Alternative rock
Disputed subgenres
Occupations Guitarist, Singer, Artist, CEO Skeleton Crew
Instruments Guitar, Vocals
Associated acts Pencey Prep, Leathermouth, My Chemical Romance

Frank Anthony Iero (born October 31, 1981) is the youngest member of the band My Chemical Romance. He was born in Belleville, New Jersey and attended Queen of Peace High School in North Arlington. Iero's parents divorced when he was young. He then attended Rutgers University on scholarship but then dropped out for the band after he felt they were beginning to get somewhere. Iero is a rhythm guitarist and is one of the two backup vocalists for the alternative rock band My Chemical Romance.


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