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Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair
Basement group.jpg
Cast of Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair
Format Reality
Game show
Created by Cris Abrego
Mark Cronin
Starring Frank Maresca
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
Executive producer(s) Cris Abrego
Mark Cronin
Ben Samek
Running time 60 minutes (including commercials)
Original channel VH1
Original run January 3, 2010 – present
Preceded by I Love New York 2
I Love Money

Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair is a VH1 reality television show starring Frank Maresca also known as the Entertainer, who previously starred in I Love New York, I Love Money, and I Love Money 2. His parents are set to have a big role in the show since he lives with them. The show premiered on January 3, 2010,[1] with the series to run a total of 10 episodes. Fifteen women will be competing for his love.[2]



Name[3] Age Hometown Eliminated
Cathy Nardone[4] 23 Staten Island, NY
Dana Piza[4] 22 Manhattan, NY
Felicia Tampa, Florida
Kerry Schwartz[4] 24 Brooklyn, NY
Melody 35 Nashville, TN Episode 9
Melissa Minnesota Episode 8
Annie Syracuse, NY Episode 7
Renee Taylor[5] 27 Taunton, MA Episode 6
Christi 21 Chicago, IL Episode 5
Jenny Jones[6] Episode 4
Tammy Episode 3
Jessica Episode 2
Mandy 29 Long Island, NY Episode 2[m]
Stephanie Episode 1
Kari M. 23 Chicago, IL Episode 1

Call-out order

# Contestants Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 Annie Jenny Renee Annie Annie Kerry S. Felicia Felicia Kerry S. Felicia
2 Cathy Tammy Kerry S. Kerry S. Felicia Melody Kerry S. Kerry S. Felicia Cathy
3 Christi Kerry S. Dana Melody Dana Cathy Cathy Melissa Cathy Kerry S.
4 Dana Felicia Melissa Christi Christi Annie Dana Cathy Melody Dana
5 Felicia Jessica Tammy Melissa Kerry S. Dana Melody Dana Dana Melody
6 Jenny Annie Jenny Felicia Melissa Melissa Annie Melody Melissa
7 Jessica Melody Annie Dana Cathy Renee Melissa Annie
8 Kari Dana Melody Cathy Melody Felicia Renee
9 Kerry Christi Felicia Renee Renee Christi
10 Mandy Renee Christi Jenny Jenny
11 Melissa Melissa Cathy Tammy
12 Melody Cathy Jessica
13 Renee Mandy Mandy
14 Stephanie Stephanie
15 Tammy Kari M.
     The contestant won Frank's Love
     The contestant won a solo date with Frank
     The contestant won a solo date with Frank, and received a key before the elimination ceremony.
     The contestant went on a group date with Frank
     The contestant was eliminated outside of Elimination Ceremony.
     The contestant was eliminated.
     The contestant won a date with Frank, but was eliminated.
  • ^[m]  In Episode 2, Mandy was eliminated before the ceremony due to Frank's mother's objection to her being in the house.



Episode 1: "Meet The Marescas"

First aired January 3, 2010 [7]

The fifteen female contestants meet Frank Maresca and his parents. A photographer takes a family picture of each contestant with Frank and his parents. Frank consults with his parents when deciding who to eliminate. In the end, Kari M. and Stephanie are eliminated. Frank's mom had previously expressed that she liked Kari more than Mandy, and was disappointed with Frank's decision.[8]

  • Bottom 3: Kari M., Mandy, Stephanie
  • Eliminated: Kari M., Stephanie

Reasons for Elimination

  • Kari M.: Frank didn't feel a connection with her.
  • Stephanie: Frank felt she didn't know anything about him.

Episode 2: "A Big Decision"

First aired: January 10, 2010 [7]

As the episode beings, Frank informs the women that they will each be given an opportunity to showcase one of their talents. Each contestant will be given two minutes in the basement with Frank. The three women whose talents impress Frank the most will be invited on a group date to the Brooklyn bridge. Frank uses his microwave as a timer for each date. During the challenge, Christy decided to teach Frank hula-hooping even though he was better at it than she was. Cathy was late for her timeslot, which upset Frank, and as a result, she was only allowed one minute. Frank's mom interrupts Mandy's time, due to her distrust of Mandy. In the end, Frank is most impressed by Felicia, Kerry, and Renee. After the date, the women have a party outside in the hot tub. Cathy becomes inebriated, which upsets Frank, as he doesn't want her to wake up his parents. Frank's mom discovers vodka in one of the water bottles, and accuses Mandy of placing it there. Later, she further implores Frank to eliminate Mandy. Rather than make Mandy suffer through elimination, Frank privately asks her to leave. At elimination, Cathy and Jessica are in the bottom two, and it is Jessica who is eliminated.[9]

  • Challenge: Two Minutes In Heaven
  • Winners: Felicia, Kerry, Renee
  • Bottom 2: Cathy, Jessica
  • Eliminated: Mandy, Jessica

Reasons for Elimination

  • Mandy: Frank felt his mom doesn't like Mandy and feared that both of them will not get along with each other.
  • Jessica: Frank felt that she has a lack of focus in her life.

Episode 3: "Haggle For My Love"

First aired: January 17, 2010 [7]

The Marescas are having a garage sale and wants his girls to sell items for money, whichever teams earns the most money wins the date with Frank. With a sluggish start, the yellow team had an idea giving massages for $10, but it irritates Mrs. Maresca. The Blue Team had also had an idea of drawing portraits from Annie. The garage sale ends and the Blue Team won the challenge, earning the most money. Frank took the winning team to a bar. The next day, Frank took Tammy and Christi to a cupcake shop. Frank felt he couldn't understand Tammy sometimes, but Christi gave the scoop about Renee spying on Frank. During elimination, Jenny and Tammy were at the Bottom 2, and ultimately Tammy was sent home.[10]

  • Challenge: Maresca's Garage Sale
    • Yellow Team: Christi, Tammy, Felicia
    • Blue Team: Annie, Dana, Jenny
    • Pink Team: Cathy, Renee
    • Green Team: Kerry, Melody, Melissa
  • Challenge Winners: Annie, Dana, Jenny
  • Bottom 2: Tammy, Jenny
  • Eliminated: Tammy

Reasons for Elimination

  • Tammy: Frank couldn't connect with her.

Episode 4: "Getting To First Base"

First aired: January 24, 2010 [7]

  • Challenge: 1st Annual Bikini Softball Game
    • Team Spaghetti: Cathy, Melissa, Christi, Melody, Jenny
    • Team Meatballs: Kerry, Felicia, Renee, Dana, Annie
  • Challenge Winners: Kerry, Felicia, Renee, Dana, Annie
  • MVP: Annie
  • Bottom 2: Jenny, Renee
  • Eliminated: Jenny

Reasons for Elimination

  • Jenny: Frank found a sexy photo of her on the internet despite her "conservative" act.

Episode 5: "Nine Franks Are Better Than One"

First aired: January 31, 2010 [7]

  • Challenge: To Take Care Of 9 Little Franks
  • Challenge Winners: Melody, Kerry S.
  • Bottom 2:: Felicia, Christi
  • Eliminated: Christi

Reasons for Elimination

  • Christi: Frank felt that he cannot trust Christi after finding out she is still friends with her ex-boyfriend.

Episode 6: "Meet The Rest Of The Marescas"

First aired: February 14, 2010 [7]

  • Challenge: To Meet The Entire Maresca Family
  • Challenge Winner: Felicia
  • Bottom 2:: Melissa, Renee
  • Eliminated: Renee

Reasons for Elimination

  • Renee: Frank felt that she was too weird.

Episode 7: "Sucker Punch My Heart"

First aired: February 21, 2010 [7]

  • Challenge: To Sing For Frank And His Parents
  • Team 1 / Working Out: Cathy, Melissa
  • Team 2 / Video Games: Felicia, Melody
  • Team 3 / Muscle Tees: Kerry S.
  • Team 4 / Sleeping In: Annie, Dana
  • Challenge Winner/s: Felicia, Melody
  • Bottom 2: Annie, Melody
  • Eliminated: Annie
  • Reason for Elimination:
  • Annie: She told Frank to let her go if he didn't have feelings for her.

Episode 8: "Big Dreams, Little Italy"

First aired: February 28, 2010 [7]

  • Challenge: To Plan A Future With Frank
  • Challenge Winner: Kerry S.
  • Bottom 2: Dana, Melissa
  • Eliminated: Melissa

Episode 9: "We Need Therapy!"

First aired: March 14, 2010 [7]

  • Challenge: Therapy With Girls
  • Challenge Winner: N/A
  • Dates: Melody, Felicia, Dana
  • Bottom 2: Dana, Melody
  • Eliminated: Melody

Episode 10: "A Family Affair"

To be aired: March 21, 2010

  • Challenge: Meet Possible Future In-Laws
  • Challenge Winner: None
  • Bottom 2:
  • Eliminated:

Episode 11: "Get Me Out of the Basement!"

To be aired: March 28, 2010

  • Bottom 2:
  • Eliminated:


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