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Franklin William Stahl
Born October 8, 1929 (1929-10-08) (age 80)
Nationality United States
Fields Molecular Biology
Institutions University of Oregon
Known for Meselson-Stahl experiment

Dr. Franklin William Stahl (born October 8, 1929) is an American molecular biologist. With Matthew Meselson, Stahl conducted the famous Meselson-Stahl experiment showing that DNA is replicated by a semiconservative mechanism, meaning that each strand of the DNA serves as a template for the "replicated" strand.

He is Emeritus Professor of Biology[1] at the University of Oregon's Institute of Molecular Biology in Eugene, Oregon.

Further reading

  • Drake, J W (January 1997). "The 1996 Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal Franklin W. Stahl". Genetics 145 (1): 1–2. PMID 9017382. 


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