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Frederik IV Ernst Otto Philip Anton Furnibert (Paris, 14 December 1789 – Brussels, 14 August 1859) was prince of Salm-Kyrburg, Ahaus and Bocholt from 1794 to 1813. He was the son and successor to Frederick III and his wife Johanna Franciska of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. He initially had two elder brothers and one younger sister, but all three of these died young.

His mother died in 1790 at the Schloss Kirn and his father was guillotined in Paris on 25 July 1794, and during his minority his guardian was his aunt Amalie Zephyrine. On 11 January 1815 he married Cécile Rosalie Prévôt, baroness of Bordeaux (1783-1866). Their only child was Frederick Ernst Joseph Augustus (1823-1887).

In 1801 the Princedom was removed from the Holy Roman Empire at the peace of Lunéville, and at 1806 (with Amalie signing as Frederick's guardian and regent) it became a founding member of the Confederation of the Rhine, gaining protectorship from Napoleon but effectively freedom of action for himself (albeit as a French satellite). In compensation for the loss of the Salm-Kyburg princedom on the left bank of the Rhine, the 1803 German Mediatisation granted Salm-Kyburg lordship over a third of a part of the secularised lands of the prince bishops of Munster that had previous belonged to the amts of Bocholt and Ahaus to compensate for his loss in 1801. The other two-thirds were granted to Konstantin Alexander Joseph zu Salm-Salm in compensation for his lost lands on the Rhine. The princes of Salm-Salm and Salm-Kyrburg reigned over these aforementioned lands as a joint principality, the Principality of Salm.

On 13 December 1811, Frederick IV and Konstantin Alexander lost Salm entirely to France, which annexed it outright, and then two years later it was annexed to Prussia by the Congress of Vienna, thus ending the princedom of Salm-Kyburg. Frederick IV's descendents, however, retained their titles and the other family territories.

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