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Free may refer to:

  • Adjective associated with freedom
  • Adjective describing something given or supplied without payment (gratis)
  • Gratis versus Libre, the distinction between the two meanings above

Free may also refer to:

Arts and philosophy



  • free (programming), a function that releases dynamically allocated memory for reuse
  • Freefont, an open font project
  • Free format, a file format which can be used without restrictions
  • Free software, software usable and distributable with few restrictions and no payment
  • Freeware, a broader class of software available at no cost
  • Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment, a description of the Shenmue game series' engine.







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Simple English

Free means two different things. If what is called "free" is something that is not alive, that means that it is being given away by someone who does not want any money in return. Often things that are "free" in this way are given away as add-ons to something that is paid for. For example, an eating place may give away a free glass of water with a paid meal.

If what is called "free" is a person, that means that it is able to be what it wants to be, or to do what it wants to do, without being ordered around.

Most people want to be free. But many strong people would like to order around people who are weaker than they are. This leads to many fights.

Some countries have laws that try to keep the strong people from pushing around other people too much. These countries are called "free countries."

Animals other than people can fall into both definitions of freedom. Maybe a neighbor has a cat who has just given birth to a group of kittens, and so she will try to give away her "free kittens." That is the first kind of freedom listed above. But if one of the free kittens finds a good home, is fed well, and grows up into a cat, then maybe one day the cat will wander "freely" around its house and yard. That is the second kind of freedom.

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