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Free Conservative Party, German Reich Party
Freikonservative Partei (in Prussia), Deutsche Reichspartei (on federal level)
Founded 1866
Dissolved 1918
Preceded by Conservative Party (Prussia)
Succeeded by German National People's Party
Newspaper "Die Post"
Ideology Conservatism, Capitalism, Agrarianism, Monarchism, Political Protestantism
Political position right-wing
Prussia-focused party
International affiliation none
Politics of Germany
Political parties

The Free Conservative Party (Freikonservative Partei or FKP) was a Prussian political party of the German Empire, founded in 1866. The party was distinguished from the German Conservative Party by its unqualified support of German nationalism, and was seen as the political party which was closest in views to those of Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. In federal elections, the party was known as the German Reich Party (Deutsche Reichspartei or DRP).

The party was generally supported by more conservative industrialists, and while it opposed political liberalism, it also tended to support free trade and the development of industry. It disbanded in 1918 following the end of the Hohenzollern monarchy, and most of its constituency turned to the new German National People's Party.



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