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Freedom Danish

Freedom Danish with Digital Eyes.
Freedom Danish.


Freedom Danish (born Jorah Kai Wood on August 9, 1979) is a Canadian musician, DJ and record producer of electronic dance music, mainly dubstep, glitch-hop, drum n bass and breakbeats. Freedom Danish is affiliated with Pop N Lock Records (Canada) and Badman Press Music Group (USA). In the 1990's hey-day of the Rave Scene, Freedom Danish was responsible for the creation of a genre of hardcore known as Kaicore. He has performed internationally among the world's best hardcore DJs (Lenny Dee, Rob Gee, Dj Venom, etc) and represented his sound at hundreds of gigs across North America.

In 2009 Freedom Danish was hired to DJ for the Canadian Forces as a guest DJ and judge of a DJ Battle. His contract, from the Queen of England has gained him infamy, if not totally accurately as the Queen's DJ. Freedom Danish often tours with North America's #1 Breaks DJ/Producer Myagi and The Root Sellers. Freedom Danish's most popular download to date is his remix of "I'm On A Boat" (The Lonely Island ft T-Pain - ill.Gates & Freedom Danish remix). This was released for free download on the net May 2009 and was charted at #2 on audio site What.CD. There have been over 15,000 downloads of this remix to date.

Cultural significance of the name

The name Freedom Danish is an amalgamation of Freedom Fries and "Roses of the Prophet Muhammad"[1]. See the article Freedom Fries for a list of other historical parallels. Explanation of the name Freedom Danish: "A satirical attempt to break through the political rhetoric of historical food propaganda through music & dance. “The name is ‘an ultimate fuck-you to anybody that wants to use food propaganda to control people's minds,’ explains Kai. The DJ has also written a book of poetry, inspired by food and time spent at a grocery store, staring at lobsters. ‘Lobsters are a lot like people,’ he explains. ‘Most of them are crazy and most of them are trapped.’” – Lizzy Hill, [The Coast] (Halifax, NS Canada) Sept 3, 2009". [2]

Community and Culture

In 1997 Freedom Danish founded Enlightened State Productions, a special event promotion company in Ottawa, Canada with an emphasis on promoting awareness and fundraising towards charitable causes, primarily Global Cool, Amnesty International and Canadian Food Banks. ESP Productions is still active in Halifax, NS. Because of his journalistic experience and background in electronic music culture, he is often outspoken about dance politics in Canadian media.[3]

Education and Literary significance

Jorah Kai Wood is also an author, poet and freelance journalist. Wood is a Dalhousie University graduate with a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. Wood has written for the Capilano Courier, Cape Breton Boardwalk Magazine and Dalhousie Gazette. His first novella is a film noir piece called Elsewhere and his first collection of poetry entitled "Lobster Revolution & the Rot of Pop Culture". Both were printed and distributed locally, but have not been published by a major printing house. Wood has published poetry and fiction in The Liar and Fathom Magazine. He is the current managing editor of Fathom magazine.


His grandfather Pappy Wood was a champion curler, Guinness World Record holder and a member of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame. He is the second cousin of Canadian Author John Ralston Saul, husband of former Canadian Governor General The Right Honorable Adrienne Clarkson. His cousin through marriage married Peter Shore, older brother of pop culture icon Pauly Shore.

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