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Freeman Creek Grove is a sequoia grove located in Giant Sequoia National Monument in the Sierra Nevada in eastern California, It includes The Great Goshawk Tree (Named by Bill Croft in 1988), the 28th largest giant sequoia in the world. This large grove covers about 1,800 acres (7.3 km2) in the Freeman Creek Watershed. The area is botanical reserve under the sequoia national forest administration except for one small private plot.

Freeman Creek Grove is the largest unlogged grove outside of a National Park. It is fairly easy to get to by car throughout the summer by dirt or paved road. The grove is about 1,425 acres (5.77 km2) with sequoias mainly south of Freeman Creek. There are several noteworthy sequoias to see in this grove. Foremost among these is the President George Bush Tree. President Bush delivered his presidential proclamation setting aside giant sequoia groves on National Forest System lands for protection, preservation and restoration while standing beside this tree. You can visit the George Bush Tree by taking Forest Road 20S78 east to the trailhead.The Great Goshawk Tree is the largest in the grove at 32,783 cubic feet (928.3 m3) in volume. Near the Goshawk Tree is the broken-topped, fire-hollowed Telescope Tree, also known as the Castro Tree. Freeman Shaft and Loren's Tree are also some of the larger trees to be seen. The broken-topped Freeman Stub, also known as Bannister's Tree, is one of the first large sequoias you can see entering the grove on the west. The popular Ride-Through Tree in the lower grove as its name implies, has a huge split in its base.

Noteworthy trees

Some of the trees found in the grove that are worthy of special note are:

  • Great Goshawk Tree: The largest tree in the grove at 32,783 cubic feet (928.3 m3).
  • Loren's Tree: This is one of the largest tree's in the grove with of volume somewhere between 28,000 and 30,000 cubic feet (850 m3).
  • Bannister's Tree: A remnant of a once larger tree, but still around 26,000 cubic feet (740 m3).
  • George Bush Tree: Fair sized tree that President George W. Bush has visited.
  • Castro Tree: A telescope giant sequoia.


Coordinates: 36°08′22″N 118°30′33″W / 36.13944°N 118.50917°W / 36.13944; -118.50917



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