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French capture of Montserrat
Part of the American War of Independence
Date 22 february 1782
Location Montserrat, West Indies
Result French victory,
Montserrat occupied by the French until the Treaty of Paris 1783.[1]
 France File:Union flag 1606 (Kings Colors).svg Great Britain
Commanders and leaders
Louis de Barras
Comte de Flechin
Gov. Michael White
4 ships
500 men
Casualties and losses
Uknown, minimum Unknown casualties
68 artillery guns taken

The French capture of Montserrat was a French naval expedition that seized the island of Montserrat from the British, which capitulated on 22 February 1782.


Count de Barras, a commander of French naval forces, dispatched Count of Flechin; along with 500 men from the Auxerrois regiment, to capture the island from the English. At the time of its surrender, British artillery on Montserrat consisted of 62 pieces of cannon of different bores and six obitzers.


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