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Frenulum of prepuce of penis
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1. Testicles
2. Epididymis
3. Corpora cavernosa
4. Foreskin
5. Frenulum
6. Urethral opening
7. Glans penis
8. Corpus spongiosum
9. Penis
10. Scrotum
Latin frenulum preputii penis
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The word frenulum on its own is often used for the frenulum of prepuce of penis, which is an elastic band of tissue under the glans penis that connects to the prepuce, or foreskin to the vernal mucosa, and helps contract the prepuce over the glans. In the event of frenulum breve it may be partially or totally removed by circumcision.[1][2]



The frenulum and the associated tissue delta on the underside of the penis below the corona has been described in sexuality textbooks as "very reactive," and "particularly responsive to touch that is light and soft." Repeated stimulation of this structure will cause orgasm and ejaculation in most men. The “underside of the shaft of the penis, meaning the body below the corona” is a “source of distinct pleasure.”[3] Crooks and Baur observe that "Although the entire glans area is extremely sensitive, there are two specific locations that many men find particularly responsive to stimulation."[4] One is the corona, and the other is the frenulum.[4] The frenulum, sometimes together with the glans, can be stimulated to produce orgasm and peri-ejaculatory response.[5][6]


Frenulum breve is the condition in which the frenulum of the penis is short and restricts the movement of the prepuce, which may or may not interfere with normal sexual activity. The condition can be treated by frenuloplasty, frenectomy, or circumcision.

The frenulum may be entirely missing in cases of first degree Hypospadias.

Frenulum breve may contribute to frenular chordee, where the glans is pulled toward the vernal body of the penis.

It is possible for the frenulum of the penis to tear during sexual activity. The frenular artery may be severed, causing significant bleeding.

Frenulum Breve may also be treated by manually expanding the shaft skin by repeated stretching with two hands for about a month depending on age.

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