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Studio album by Devo
Released May 2010
Recorded 2008–2009
Genre New Wave
Alternative rock
Label Warner Brothers
Producer Devo
Devo chronology
Live in Central Park

Fresh[1] was the first unofficial working title of the upcoming ninth studio album by American New Wave band Devo. The album is slated to be released in May of 2010, pushed back from its original release date of late 2009 due to "radical remixing." If released in 2010, it will be Devo's first studio album of new music in 20 years.

Three other potential titles for the album have been discussed by the group: Something for Everybody, Devolution and Excuse Our Mess.[2]



Though a new Devo album had been considered as far back as the band's 1996 reunion, efforts by Gerald Casale to get one off the ground were repeatedly unsuccessful. Devo produced some new material in the late 90s and early 2000s, mostly for soundtracks and commercials, and toured regularly, but a new album had not been forthcoming. In interviews, Casale described the situation as "a cocoon of silence," and his solo project Jihad Jerry & The Evildoers was an attempt to get something out. Following the 2007 release of the non-album single Watch Us Work It, however, Casale indicated that the band may be ready to work on a new album. That same year, LA Weekly, in an article on Mark Mothersbaugh's production studio Mutato Muzika reported that "After touring sporadically over the past decade but not releasing any new material, Devo are spending December at Mutato trying to create an album’s worth of new material and contemplating a method of dispersal in the post-record-company world." [3]

Mark Mothersbaugh revealed a song title from the in-progress album: "Don't Shoot, I'm a Man" in a later interview, [4], but hopes were briefly deflated when Jerry stated that Mark had "killed the project" and that there would be no new Devo album. [5] Casale, however, later stated that "We're going to finish what we started." [6] and later interviews confirmed that Devo would complete their new album. [7] The Studio Notes section of the November 27 issue of Rolling Stone stated that "Devo are working on their first album of new material since 1990's Smooth Noodle Maps. 'We have about 17 songs we're testing out," says frontman Mark Mothersbaugh. 'We've already been contacted by 20 producers - including Snoop Dogg, Santigold, and Fatboy Slim.'" Fall 2009 was confirmed as a possible release date at the time.[8][9]

Devo announced in early 2009, that they would be performing at the South by Southwest International Conference in Austin, Texas on March 20th, with a warmup show in Dallas on March 18th. At these shows, Devo performed a new stage show utilizing synchronized video, similar to the 1982 tour, new costumes, and three new songs: "Don't Shoot (I'm a Man)", "What We Do", and "Fresh". All of these songs included a video backdrop which the band performed in front of. On Friday, April 10, 2009, Devo debuted the music video for "Don't Shoot (I'm a Man)" on their website, through Vimeo.[10] In an interview for the website "Subba-Cultcha", Casale stated, "regardless of the final title, it will be 'Fresh'!"[1] It is slightly unclear as to whether or not this indicates the final album title or not. According to the "In the Studio" section of the June 2009 Rolling Stone, the album has been pushed back to 2010 to allow for "radical remixing".[11]

Devo recently announced that it had signed on with Warner Brothers, once again, to release their new album. In an interview with Gerald Casale in late October 2009, he announced that Devo's new album will be picking-up from where they left off. "We think it’s the best record that we’d ever done although we’re not certain that Fresh will be the title. There are more good songs on this album than any other record that we’ve made. We’re aiming for a spring release," quoted Casale.[12] In January 2010, Billboard wrote a preview on the upcoming album, stating it is to be released in April 2010. In the interview, Casale discussed about the album title in which he "hopes to call 'Something for Everybody,' despite the publicized working title of 'Fresh.'"[13] The final track list is still being decided but is likely to feature the high-energy (and "focus group-approved," according to Casale) "Please Baby Please," as well as tracks by producers including Greg Kurstin and John Hill.

On February 22nd, "Fresh" was made available as a free digital download, following the band's performance at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Devo returned to the SXSW conference in Austin, TX on March 11th, 2010 to conduct a panel entitled "Devo, The Internet & You." During this panel, a "focus group study" was conducted in which a total of four potential titles for the album were revealed: Fresh, Something for Everybody, Devolution and Excuse Our Mess. The latter was the clear favorite amongst the assembled crowd.[14]

Song list

Three songs from the new album are confirmed, and were performed live in Dallas and at SXSW in March 2009. At DEVOtional 2008, via videoconference Mark indicated that "Watch Us Work It" may also be on the album. [15] At DEVOtional 2009, several new tracks were also played, including versions of the three songs performed in March. "Step Up" was also played in a recent radio interview.




Played at DEVOtional 2009

  • "Later is Now"
  • "Mind Games"
  • "Step Up" (Also played on KEXP, November 9th, 2009)
  • "Cameo"
  • "Throw Money at the Problem"


  • "Please Baby Please" [13]



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