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Friedrich Achleitner (born 23 May 1930 in Schalchen, Upper Austria) is the name of an Austrian poet and architecture critic.

Achleitner studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna from 1950–1953. He joined the Wiener Gruppe in 1955, participated in their literary cabarets, and wrote dialect poems, montages, and concrete poems. In 1983 he became Professor of the history and theory of architecture at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.


  • prosa, konstellationen, montagen, dialektgedichte, studien (1970)
  • quadratroman (1973)
  • Österreichische Architektur im 20. Jahrhundert (1980–1985)
  • Nieder mit Fischer von Erlach (1986)
  • KAAAS. Dialektgedichte (1991)
  • Die Plotteggs kommen. Ein Bericht (1995)
  • einschlafgeschichten (2003)
  • wiener linien (2004)
  • und oder oder und (2006)


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