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Fright Night Part II

Promotional movie poster for the film
Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace
Produced by Miguel Tejada-Flores,
Herb Jaffe,
Mort Engelberg
Written by Tim Metcalfe,
Miguel Tejada-Flores,
Tommy Lee Wallace,
Tom Holland
Starring Roddy McDowall,
William Ragsdale,
Traci Lind,
Julie Carmen
Music by Brad Fiedel
Cinematography Mark Irwin
Editing by Jay Lash Cassidy
Distributed by TriStar Pictures
Release date(s) May 19, 1988
Running time 104 min
Country United States
Language English
Preceded by Fright Night

Fright Night Part II is the 1988 sequel to Fright Night. William Ragsdale and Roddy McDowall both reprised their roles from the first movie, although some critics complained about the lack of Stephen Geoffreys in his "Evil Ed" role, despite that character having died in the first film. Geoffreys had been offered the opportunity to reprise the role but declined. The sequel was directed by Tommy Lee Wallace.



Fright Night Part II begins after the hellish events in the original Fright Night. Charley (William Ragsdale) now believes that Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon), was nothing but a serial killer posing as a vampire. As a result, he comes to believe that vampires never existed. Charley, along with his new girlfriend, Alex Young (Traci Lind), go to visit Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall), who is again a burnt out vampire killer on Fright Night much to the chagrin of the boy-who-cried-wolf Charley. It is while visiting Peter's apartment that Charley sees four coffins being taken into a car. On the way out from Peter's apartment, Charley sees four strange people walk past him, into an elevator. Charley instantly becomes smitten with one of the four, the alluring Regine (Julie Carmen).

The next day Charley talks to his psychiatrist who assures him that what he dreamed was only natural. Alex finds Charley bowling, per doctor's orders, and Charley agrees to go to the symphony with her. On his way there however he sees a friend with Regine and opts to follow him. Charley observes vampires drinking the blood from his friend and he goes to find Peter. The two enter the party and meet Regine in person, who is a performance artist. Charley leaves when he remembers his date with Alex but Peter stays. Noting some odd behavior Peter draws his pocket mirror and sees that Regine and her companion do not cast reflections.

As he runs down the stairwell Peter again comes face to face with Regine, who reveals herself as a bloodsucker of the night. Peter hides himself in his home secure with the props from his show. Charley once again is in denial, is discussing the situation with Alex when Peter arrives to try and warn them about Regine but neither believe him. Peter states that he has warned them and runs back to his home, packs his belongings and departs.

Meanwhile, Charley has started to become more of a vampire and after failing to talk to his psychiatrist overhears a newscaster talking about his friends body being discovered the previous night. Now believing that everything is real Charley goes to see Peter, only for him to not find his friend.

Peter has found himself in jail as well due to him attacking Regine on live TV. Everyone thinks he's lost his sanity as he says, "I have to kill the vampire". Peter ends up in a state hospital. Alex is bailed out by Charley's shrink and she goes to post bail for Charley only to find he has already been bailed out, by Regine.


Actor Role
William Ragsdale Charley Brewster
Roddy McDowall Peter Vincent
Traci Lind Alex Young
Julie Carmen Regine Dandrige
Jon Gries Louie
Russell Clark Belle
Brian Thompson Bozworth
Merritt Butrick Richie
Ernie Sabella Dr. Harrison
Josh Richman Fritzy
Blair Tefkin Bernice


Performed by Wilson Pickett

Performed by Deborah Holland

  • Dressed In Red

Performed by Leslie Lewis

Performed by Richard Berry

Performed by Ross Levinson

  • You Could Look It Up

Performed by T-Bone Burnett


Unlike the first film, the sequel saw a very limited release in the US by distributor Tri-Star Pictures and co-producer The Vista Organization. The film was only released on 148 screens and brought in only $548,231 on its opening weekend. It's domestic gross was $2,983,784

However, International Video Entertainment (IVE, now known today as Lions Gate Home Entertainment) released the film on videocassette and has become a cult film. It was released on DVD by Artisan Entertainment on August 19, 2003, though the DVD soon went out of print. Despite the fact that the DVD was a bare bones edition with a fuzzy 1.33:1 pan-and-scan transfer, it has nonetheless become a rare and expensive item.


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