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Fritz Wolfheim (1888, Berlin - 1942), after several years spent in the United States, he became involved with the Industrial Workers of the World in San Francisco alongside Lala Hardayal.

In 1913 he arrived in Hamburg, Germany and started to work with Heinrich Laufenberg. Applying the concept of industrial unionism to the German situation, he became involved with the Communist Party of Germany (KPD), and in time evolved National Bolshevik positions.

He wrote several texts with Laufenburg:

  • Democracy and Organisation (1915)
  • First Address to the German Proletariat (1919)
  • May Appeal to Proletarians (1920)
  • Communism Against Spartakism (1920)
  • Moscow and German Revolution (1920)

He followed the majority of the KPD into the Communist Workers Party of Germany, but was asked to leave on account of his nationalist views. After the short lived Communist League, he was only marginally involved with National Socialism expressing a fondness for Prussian society, seeing the German working class as "the people of the future" spreading "Germanism" to the rest of humanity. The Nazis had him arrested in 1936. He died in the Ravensbrück concentration camp in 1942.


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