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FrontPage Magazine (FrontPage Mag)
Fpm index logo2.png
Format online
Owner David Horowitz Freedom Center
Editor-in-chief David Horowitz
Managing editors Jamie Glazov
Political alignment Conservative
Language English
Headquarters Sherman Oaks, California
Circulation 500,000 readers per month (2006)
OCLC 47095728
Official website

FrontPage Magazine (also known as FRONTPAGEMAG.COM) is an online conservative political magazine, edited by David Horowitz and published by the David Horowitz Freedom Center (DHFC; formerly, the Center for the Study of Public Culture), a non-profit organization in Los Angeles, California. It presents a conservative viewpoint on various subjects.



FrontPage Magazine's main focus is on issues pertaining to foreign policy, war, and Islamic terrorism. It regularly condemns official enemies of the U.S., and is a strong proponent of the war on terror, the Iraq War, and Israel's military actions.

It has also published articles condemning what it perceives as left-wing organizations and causes, such as the Democratic party, political correctness within the media, the environmental movement, affirmative action, reparations for slavery, left-wing interpretations of feminism, Islamism, socialism, communism, anarchism, anti-war groups, the United Nations, and other matters.


DHFC says that the FrontPage website was read by 500,000 different readers per month during 2006.[1][2]

FPM Man of the Year

On January 1, 2007, FrontPage Magazine named Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean its "People Of The Year - 2006".[3] The two United States Border Patrol agents who shot drug smuggler Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila near the US-Mexico border. They had been convicted of assault with serious bodily injury, assault with a deadly weapon, discharge of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence, violating the civil rights of an illegal alien, and obstruction of justice “for not reporting that their weapons had been fired”. They had been sentenced to 11 years and 1 day and 12 years imprisonment, respectively, and were subsequently incarcerated.[4] FrontPage Magazine deemed them guilty only of "bureaucratic infractions"; "these men have lost their money, their reputations, and (perhaps soon) their freedom trying to protect our nation. For that, they deserve our thanks".[5]

FPM's 2003 "Man of the Year" was Col. Allen B. West, former commander of the 20th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, who had been punished with a $5,000 fine and allowed to retire only as a Lieutenant Colonel after being charged with mistreatment of an Iraqi prisoner.[6]


In 2003 the progressive SPLC criticized FrontPage for calling the NAACP "a defamation and shakedown organization."[7]

The progressive research website Media Matters for America criticized senior editor Jacob Laksin for "falsely claim[ing] Media Matters 'concede[d]' that half the professors in Horowitz's book 'use their classrooms for political agendas'."[8]

On October 10, 2006, Media Matters published an article whose title asserted "Horowitz, FrontPageMag misrepresented CREW statement on Foley emails to suggest 'obstruction of justice'."[9] Rep. Mark Foley had sent arguably inappropriate emails to an underage Congressional page (more explicit propositions to others came out later) and, after ABC News broke the story on September 28 based on other information, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington criticized the FBI, saying that they had both received and turned the suspicious emails over to the FBI in July. According to the Washington Post, "Law enforcement officials said then that the e-mails did not provide enough evidence of a possible crime to warrant a full investigation", that "unidentified Justice and FBI officials told reporters that the e-mails provided by CREW were heavily redacted" and that "the FBI believed that CREW may have received the e-mails as early as April".[10]

According to Media Matters Horowitz's October 9 FPM blog characterized the CREW claim to have turned the emails over to the FBI on the same day they received them as "holding [them] since at least July 2006", and that the blog "failed to make clear that the dispute concerns allegations made by unnamed officials -- not the agency itself.". The blog entry referred to by Media Matters is no longer available on the FPM magazine site, but the article on this subject FPM published on October 10 does not have these failings.

Editors, columnists, and contributors


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