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Fronte Nazionale (Ital. National Front, abbreviated FN) is a name that has been used for several Neofascist political parties and movements in Italy.


Junio Valerio Borghese FN

The original FN has been founded by Junio Valerio Borghese as a splinter group from the Italian Social Movement, which he felt was moving too far away from the ideals of Fascism. Like its close cousin in the National Vanguard the party was proved to have been promoting terrorism and to have been infiltrated by the Italian Secret Services which used it as a recruiting ground for expendable pawns to be used in 'wet' and 'dirty' operations which would have been outside their jurisdiction or supposed ethics (see strategy of tension).

Franco Freda FN

The Fronte Nazionale founded in 1990 by Franco Freda was an explicitly racist movement centered on strong, uncompromised opposition to immigration and racial mixing. It has been disbanded, with its leader jailed, in 2000 by the Italian government on the basis of the Mancino law for promoting racism.

Adriano Tilgher FN

In 1997 Adriano Tilgher, a neofascist leader coming from Avanguardia Nazionale, used the title for a movement that he set up following his expulsion from Fiamma Tricolore. This group has since changed its name to Fronte Sociale Nazionale.


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