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Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket manga.jpg
Cover of the English release of Fruits Basket volume 1
(Furūtsu Basuketto)
Genre Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Author Natsuki Takaya
Publisher Japan Hakusensha
English publisher United States Canada United Kingdom Tokyopop
Australia New Zealand Madman Entertainment
Singapore Chuang Yi
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Japan Hana to Yume
Shōjo Stars
Original run January 1999November 2006
Volumes 23 (List of volumes)
TV anime
Director Akitaro Daichi
Studio Studio Deen
Licensor United States Canada FUNimation Entertainment
United Kingdom MVM Films, then Revelation Films
Australia New Zealand Madman Entertainment
Network Japan TV Tokyo
English network United States FUNimation Channel, CoLours TV
Original run July 5, 2001December 27, 2001
Episodes 26 (List of episodes)
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Fruits Basket (フルーツバスケット Furūtsu Basuketto?), sometimes abbreviated Furuba (フルバ?), is a Japanese manga series by Natsuki Takaya. It was serialized in the semi-monthly Japanese magazine Hana to Yume, published by Hakusensha, from 1999 to 2006. The series was also adapted into a 26-episode anime series, directed by Akitaro Daichi. The series tells the story of Tohru Honda, an orphan girl who, after meeting Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Sohma, learns that thirteen members of the Sohma family are possessed by the animals of the Chinese zodiac (十二支 Jūnishi?) and are cursed to turn into their animal forms if they are embraced by anyone of the opposite sex.

The word "Fruits" in the title is always plural; the spelling originates from the transcription of the English word "fruit" into Japanese, where because there is no "tu" sound, "tsu" is used instead. The title comes from the name of a popular game played in Japanese elementary schools, which is alluded to in the series.

The name spellings used in this article correspond to those given in the official Region 1 DVD and English manga releases. Romanization style names are given in Western order, with the family name last.



Fruits Basket follows the life of high-school student Tohru Honda, who was recently orphaned when her mother, Kyoko Honda, died in a car accident. After that, Tohru lived with her grandfather, but when his house needs remodeling, Tohru resorts to living in a tent in a forest and holds down a job to support herself. Despite suffering many hardships, Tohru remains optimistic.

One day, Tohru comes upon a house in the forest that is the home of her classmate Yuki Sohma and his cousin Shigure Sohma. When the Sohmas discover that Tohru is living in a tent, they are quite surprised by her inner strength. The entire area is Sohma property, and Tohru asks to be allowed to stay in her tent, but then collapses because of a fever brought on by working too hard. A landslide buries her tent, including her mother's picture and school clothes, and she moves into Shigure's house for the night. Desperate for a break from the filth of the house and takeaway meals, the Sohmas ask Tohru to become a permanent guest in the house, if she cooks and cleans. She accepts, and is being shown her room by Yuki when Kyo Sohma bursts in (through the roof) to challenge Yuki. Tohru, not knowing Yuki's strength, tries to stop Kyo by grabbing him, and as a result he transforms into a cat. She is then hit on the head with a plank of wood, and collapses into Shigure and Yuki, turning them into a dog and rat respectively.

Tohru discovers the Sohma family's secret, and the reason why Yuki is so private and secretive at school: thirteen members of the family are possessed by the 12 animal spirits of the Chinese Zodiac plus the spirit of the cat who was, according to legend, left out of the Zodiac. They transform into animals when hugged by the opposite sex or when put under a great deal of emotional or physical stress (such as being sick). When she promises to keep their secret, the Sohmas allow Tohru to keep her memories rather than hypnotically erasing them, a fate that had previously befallen anyone not "Inside" the Sohma family who had discovered the secret.

The story follows the lives of Tohru and the Sohma family as they deal with each other and a society where neither quite fits in, as well as the feared Akito Sohma, head of the Sohma family. Soon, after living with the Sohma family she began to like, then love, all of the Sohmas, and sets out to break the zodiac curse.

Differences between manga and anime

In many places, the anime episodes are very similar to the corresponding manga chapters.[1] However, the anime does make some changes to the story. Several events are combined, and some events, such as Tohru's first meeting with Momiji and all references to Tohru's baseball hat, never happen in the anime at all. The anime series also added more instances of Sohma members being accidentally transformed by Tohru. For example, in episode six when Tohru's friends Hanajima and Uotani visit the Sohma house, the anime has a lengthy series of accidental transformations,[2] while in the manga, no transformations occurred during their visit.[3] Much of the events surrounding the revealing of Kyo's true form are greatly changed in the anime, including adding an extended chase sequence, Tohru meeting Akito in the woods, her meeting with Hanajima and Uotani at her mother's grave, and Yuki having also chased after Kyo,[4] none of which happen in the manga.[5]

While the anime keeps most of the characters exactly the same as in the manga series, it does make some changes. In the manga, Momiji is half-German and half-Japanese and regularly speaks German, particularly when he first meets Tohru, while in the anime his bi-racial status is never mentioned and no German is spoken.[6] Shigure's darker tones are toned down in the anime, with many remarks he makes in the manga that hint at a hidden agenda are left out, along with most of his early scenes with Akito.[6] In the anime, Akito is biologically male and will die at a young age because of the curse,[7] while in the manga, Akito is biologically female but brought up as male and is not dying.[8]

Main characters

Tohru Honda (本田 透 Honda Tōru?)
An orphaned high school student who, at the start of the story, begins living with Shigure, Yuki, and Kyo Sohma in exchange for housekeeping. She loves to cook and describes herself as an excellent housekeeper. She also has an after-school job as a janitor to pay her tuition fees to avoid being a burden on her grandfather.[9] She is depicted as polite, optimistic, extremely kind, and selfless;[10][11] several other characters, including Kyo,[12] Rin,[13] and Hanajima,[14] tell her she needs to look out for her own interests and not shoulder everyone else's burdens. In the original Japanese, Tohru habitually speaks formally (see Honorific speech in Japanese), but not always correctly,[15] a habit she picked up from her father, Katsuya, after he died when she was three, as a way of replacing him in her mother's eyes.[16] Tohru's mother, Kyoko, raised her alone until she died in a car accident shortly after Tohru entered high school, a few months before the start of the story. Tohru repeatedly calls Kyoko the most important person in her life and treasures her photograph;[17] when she falls in love with Kyo she feels guilty of being "unfaithful" to her mother's memory.[18]
In the first half of the series, as Tohru learns about the zodiac curse and its effects on those she loves, she becomes distressed, and when she learns that the dangerous Akito is the "god" of the zodiac, she resolves to break the curse.[19] Only later does she admit that she wants to free Kyo most of all.[20] Despite setbacks, she stubbornly persists in her goal and eventually frees Kyo and her friends.[21] In the last chapter, she begins moving with Kyo to another city so he can continue his martial arts training, and in the final pages they are shown as a loving elderly couple with a granddaughter.[22] Voiced by: Yui Horie (Japanese), Laura Bailey (English)
Yuki Sohma (草摩 由希 Sōma Yuki?)
Yuki is the rat of the Chinese zodiac. Yuki is depicted as an attractive, reserved, and accomplished young man with many admirers, but who finds being friendly difficult. When Yuki was young, Akito Sohma kept him isolated and convinced him no one liked him;[23] because of this, Yuki has low self-esteem and feels isolated.[24] He is known as "Prince Yuki" and "Prince Charming" at school, where he has a fan club headed by Motoko Minagawa that tries to "protect" him from other admirers, with the result that Yuki is further isolated,[25] and he is pressured by his popularity to become president of the student council despite his misgivings.[26] Yuki, however, wishes that he could be with people as friends, rather than be admired from afar, and envies both Kyo Sohma's and Kakeru Manabe's easy ways with others.[27][28] He is touched when, faced with the prospect of having her memory of the Sohma family secret erased, Tohru Honda asks that he remain her friend,[29] which no one had asked him before.[30] With Tohru's help Yuki is gradually able to "open the lid" on his feelings, and the summer after she begins living in Shigure's house, Yuki admits to himself that he loves her.[31]
When Yuki was around six or seven years old, he ran away from Akito and was the one who returned Tohru to her mother when she was lost.[32] For that, Yuki has always had fond feelings for Tohru for actually "needing" him.[32] However, he later admits to Manabe that he was looking for a mother-figure and found her in Tohru.[30] As the rat, Yuki despises the current cat, Kyo, despite envying him, and is contemptuous of his attempts to defeat him. Even when he recognizes the true nature of his feelings for Tohru, Yuki is uncomfortable when he recognizes her and Kyo's growing feelings for each other.[33] Yuki becomes attracted to Machi Kuragi, a student council secretary who also had a traumatic childhood,[34] and falls in love with her. When he knows that Kyo will be confessing to Tohru that he loves her, Yuki meets with Machi, and is with her when his curse lifts, whereupon the first thing he does is embrace her.[21] In the last chapter, he gives Machi a key to his new apartment, where he will be living as he attends university.[22] Voiced by: Aya Hisakawa (Japanese), Eric Vale (English)
Kyo Sohma (草摩 夾 Sōma Kyō?)
Kyo is cursed by the cat, an animal not in the Chinese zodiac but which legend says would have been if it had not been tricked by the rat into missing the induction feast (see Zodiac origin stories).[9] He is depicted as an orange-haired young man who is short-tempered and charismatic, if initially awkward around people; Arisa Uotani once calls him "anger management boy,"[3] and Yuki Sohma expresses envy of his ability to make friends easily.[27] He is also fiercely competetive, and can be easily manipulated into doing things he does not want to by turning it into a competition—especially against Yuki. As the cat, Kyo hates Yuki, the current rat of the zodiac, who he sees as never having to work hard at anything,[3] and has dedicated his life to defeating him. Shortly before the series beginning, Kyo made a bet with Akito: if he defeats Yuki before graduating high school, he would officially be accepted as part of the zodiac; however, if he does not, Kyo would be confined inside the Sohma estate for the rest of his life.[35] Despite many months of strict training, however, Kyo never lands a decent blow on Yuki. Their rivalry distresses Tohru, who likes them both, but she comes to worry even more when they do not fight.[36] The two eventually tell each other, during an argument, they envy as well as despise each other and come to a truce for Tohru's sake.[37]
At the start of the story, Kyo moves into Shigure's house with Yuki and Tohru.[9] When Kyo was young, his mother died in an accident rumored to be suicide over her son's curse, and after his father rejected him, Kyo was taken in by Kazuma Sohma. The two love each other as father and son,[38] but Kazuma insists he continue to live with Shigure because he believes Tohru is helping him open up.[39] Aside from his foster father, however, Kyo runs away from the people who want to help him, because he is ashamed of his true form—a grotesque, foul-smelling, larger version of his zodiac animal—which he turns into when his bone juzu bead bracelet is removed.[38] When Tohru sees his true form, however, she is initially repulsed but follows him to beg him stay with her, which strengthens their bond.[38] However, Kyo also blames himself for the death of Tohru's mother, whom he could have saved at the risk of turning into a cat, and he was shaken by Kyoko's last words, "I'll never forgive you..."[40] As the story progresses, Kyo falls in love with Tohru, but he refuses to subject her to the pain he is convinced he will cause, so when she confesses she loves him, he calls her "delusional."[40] Only when Uotani, Hanajima, and Yuki impress upon him how deeply his rejection hurt Tohru does he get up the courage to accept her, and when he does finally confess to her, his curse lifts—along with the rest of the zodiac.[21] In the last chapter, he and Tohru begin moving out of Shigure's house to another city, where he will study at another dojo in preparation for inheriting Kazuma's, and in the final pages they are shown as a loving couple with a grandaughter.[22] Voiced by: Tomokazu Seki (Japanese), Jerry Jewell (English)

Production notes

Series title

The title of the series is taken from a children's game, Fruits Basket (フルーツバスケット fu-ru-u-tsu-ba-su-ke-t-to?, where the 'tsu' represents the 't' in "fruit", making it plural in an incorrect way), in which the participants sit in a circle, and the leader of the game names each person after a type of fruit; when the name of a child's fruit is called, that child gets up and has to find a new seat. When the protagonist, Tohru Honda first plays this game in kindergarten, she is assigned "Onigiri" (rice ball), by her cruel classmates, but she does not mind because she thinks onigiri are delicious. Once the game is finished, and all of the children but Tohru are called, Tohru realizes that onigiri are not a type of fruit at all, and she realizes that she does not belong. Tohru comes to associate this game with the Sohma family, and that she does not fit in among them any more than an onigiri does in a basket of fruit. In volume 1 of the manga, after Yuki and Kyo bring Tohru home from her grandfather's house, she begins to feel like she belongs with the Sohma family. After this, she imagines herself as a child hearing "Onigiri" called in the game, symbolizing that she has finally found her place.[41]

Character names

Natsuki Takaya named most of the twelve Sohmas cursed by zodiac animals after an archaic names of month in the former Japanese lunisolar calendar that corresponds to their zodiac animal.[42] The exceptions are Kureno and Momiji, whose names were swapped by mistake;[43] Kyo, who as the cat is not part of the official zodiac; and Yuki.[44]



The 136 chapters of Fruits Basket were originally serialized in Japan by Hakusensha in Hana to Yume from January 1999 to November 2006. These were collected in 23 tankōbon volumes, with the final volume published in Japan on March 19, 2007.[45]

The series is licensed in English in North America and the United Kingdom by Tokyopop[46] and in Singapore by Chuang Yi.[47] The Singapore edition is licensed to be imported to Australia and New Zealand by Madman Entertainment.[48] All 23 English-language volumes have been released in North America and Singapore. In addition, Tokyopop released a box set containing the first four volumes in October 2007,[49] and started re-releasing earlier volumes in "Ultimate Editions" combining two sequential volumes in a single larger hard-cover volume with new cover art. The first Ultimate Edition release met with mixed reviews, however, because they exactly reproduce the first two volumes without correcting changed page numbers or prior errors.[50] As of June 2008, four Ultimate Editions have been released, covering the first eight volumes of the series.[49]

Chuang Yi also publishes in Singapore a Simplified Chinese edition as well as English. In Europe, Fruits Basket is licensed in French by Delcourt, in Spanish by Norma Editorial, in Italian by Dynit, in Dutch by Glénat, in German and Swedish by Carlsen Comics, in Finnish by Sangatsu Manga, and in Polish by Japonica Polonica Fantastica. In Latin America, Editorial Vid has released the complete series in Mexico in Spanish, and Editora JBC began releasing a Portuguese translation in Brazil in April 2005.[49]


Directed by Akitaro Daichi, the twenty-six episode Fruits Basket anime series was animated and produced by Studio DEEN. It premiered on TV Tokyo on July 5, 2001, with the final episode airing on December 27, 2001. The series aired in France on France 4, in Spain on Buzz Channel, and in Vietnam on HTV3. FUNimation aired the series, in dubbed English, on their anime television channel as well as on Colours TV.[51]

The series was released in Japan in nine individual DVD volumes by King Records, with each volume containing three episodes except for the first volume, which contained two.[52] The first volume was released on September 29, 2001, with subsequent volumes released on a monthly basis until the final volume was released on May 22, 2002. A series box set was released on April 25, 2007, containing all twenty-six episodes, as well a message card from Natsuki Takaya, a 60-page deluxe booklet, and a bonus Fruits Basket CD soundtrack.[53]

The series is licensed for Region 1 DVD release by FUNimation Entertainment, which released it in the form of four individual volumes containing 6-7 episodes and a complete series box set. On November 20, 2007, FUNimation re-released the series as part of their lower priced Viridian line, with the new release containing the complete series in a thin-packed box set.[54] In the United Kingdom, FUNimation originally distributed the series through MVM Entertainment, but then changed distributors in November 2006 to Revelation Films.[55] Revelation re-released the four individual volumes under their label. They also released the series box set on January 22, 2007.[56] In Region 4, the series was released as a complete series box set by Madman Entertainment on October 15, 2003.[57]


In 1999 the magazine Hana to Yume released a special Fruits Basket drama CD which had a four chapter original story and short talk sections between each section. Released before the anime came out, this CD had a completely different seiyū cast. The CD was a promotional item with a limited run and is now unavailable.[58]

Natsuki Takaya has created one art book and two fan books for Fruits Basket. The art book, containing 101 pages of illustrations, was published by Hakusensha on April 16, 2004.[59] The first fan book, Fruits Basket Fan Book - Cat (フルーツバスケットファンブック〈猫〉 Furūtsu Basuketto Fan Bukku (Neko)?), which contained 192 pages of story summaries, character biographies, and activities, was published in Japan on May 19, 2005.[60] Tokyopop released it in English on September 11, 2007.[61] The second fan book, Fruits Basket Fan Book - Banquet (フルーツバスケットファンブック/宴 Furūtsu Basuketto Fan Bukku /En?), was published in Japan on March 19, 2007 and contained 187 pages;[62] it is scheduled to be published in English by Tokyopop in May 2010.[63]

Fruits Basket has also resulted in the creation of a variety of merchandise, including plushies of the various zodiac animals, wall calendars, clothing items, key chains, wall scrolls, buttons, figurines, and school supplies. A collectible card game based on the series was also created and published by Score Entertainment which can be used for playing Dai Hin Min as well as other games.[64]

In 2008, the all-male theatrical troupe Gekidan Studio Life announced it would be producing a theatrical adaptation of Fruits Basket, using only performers who would be making their stage debuts. The production is expected to run for two weeks at the Galaxy Theater in Tokyo starting February 25, 2009.[65]


The Fruits Basket manga series is one of the top manga series in both Japan and in the US. More than 18 million copies have been sold in Japan making it the second best selling shōjo manga series in Japan.[45] It is Tokyopop's best selling manga series, with more than 2 million copies sold as of 2006.[66][67] The fifteenth volume of the English release rose to the 15th position on the USA Today Top 150 Bestselling Books, which is the highest position ever achieved by a volume of manga in the United States.[45] The eighteenth volume debuted at the top of the Nielsen BookScan sales list, while the nineteenth volume was the second bestselling graphic novel in March 2008.[68][69] Despite a slow manga market, Fruits Basket remained the second highest overall selling manga series among the Bookscan companies in 2007.[70] The final volume of the English adaptation was a New York Times manga bestseller from June 28 through July 25, moving from #2 to #1 in the list in the week of July 19-25.[71][72][73] The volume dropped back down to second place the following week, then dropped to 4th place in the week of August 8.[74][75] The final volume remained on the best seller list for 12 weeks.[76]

The Fruits Basket manga received the 2001 Kodansha Manga Award in the shōjo manga category[66] and the "Best Manga" award at the 2007 American Anime Awards.[77] In 2001, the Fruits Basket anime won a Animage Anime Grand Prix award.

Critical reception

Critics have praised the overall story in Fruits Basket as being intellectual, with even the relatively light-hearted first volume giving hints at something darker in the background that makes the reader "question everything that happens."[78] Some felt the series was getting close to overloading readers with angst in later volumes, and questioned the credulity of the sheer number of bad parents in the series. As one reviewer noted: "in the world of Fruits Basket, good parents are as common as penguins in the Sahara—every single one is either neglectful, smothering, unfeeling, abusive, misguided, or dead."[79] Takaya manages to balance the series' comedic elements with the more dramatic and heartbreaking moments, making it a captivating and engaging story.[80]

As this title progresses the fact that this title was one of the more popular series in Japan becomes clear. The characters get a lot of love. You get to experience them when things are good, as well as when they are struggling. The pacing is perfect. There is a good mix of comedy, fun filler, drama and action (something for everyone). In addition Fruits Basket is easy to relate to. With all the different personalities and the different signs of the zodiac, there is always someone to associate with. There are few titles that can do all that well, Fruits Basket puts all of these aspects together and makes a tasty treat...
—Eduardo M. Chavez,[81]

Takaya's artwork is considered to be more than artistically appealing, with Takaya's skills in detailed art, shadowing, and shading allowing her to convey the character's moods and emotions without the character having any dialog at all.[79]

The real strength of Natsuki Takaya's artwork isn't that that it looks good—though it definitely does, from its beautiful characters to the intricately rendered textures of their clothing—but how well it communicates mood and emotions. Not content to rely on facial expressions, though she does them well, Takaya is particularly apt at using shading and shadows to indicate character's mental states... The details of character's emotions—the disparity between Tohru's private emotions and her public front, the punishing intensity of Kyo's feelings for Tohru—are not only discernable but tangible, all without a word being spoken.
—Carl Kimlinger, Anime News Network[79]

In Manga: The Complete Guide, Jason Thompson gave the manga 3 and a half out of four stars. While finding the series to be "surprisingly sad" and praising the well-defined characters, he felt the series was "neither particularly well drawn nor incredibly witty". As a whole, he considered it "a fascinating manga, like a sweet, melancholy dream."[82] Animerica reviewers felt the anime adaptation was similar to Ranma ½ in terms of premise and its using a similar musical score. Julie Davis found the characters to be "superficially pretty" and "so-clean-they-look-almost-like-paper-cutouts" with "really, really gigantic eyes", though she notes that the animal alter forms of the zodiac members were "cute and cuddly". Fellow reviewer Urian Brown disagreed, stating that "the characters are designed in a sleek stylish manner that is classy" and felt the animation was "refined".[83] A factor in the success of Fruits Basket in English-speaking countries was that the books were being sold in bookstores, rather than comic book shops, which are considered to be a predominantly male domain.[84]

The Fruits Basket anime adaptation has also been well received, ranking third in Anihabara's list of top televised anime series in Japan for February 2002.[85] In the June 2002 issue of Animage magazine, the series was first in a list of the best twenty anime series in Japan.[86] In 2006, five years after the series finished airing in Japan, it was 93rd in TV Asahi's list of Japan's 100 favorite animated TV series.[87] Though it only covers part of the manga, critics felt the ending brought the story to a good stopping point while making it clear that there was much left for the Sohma and Tohru to deal with, including the curse and Tohru's future choice between Kyo and Yuki.[88][89] Though some felt the plot was lacking in development, they also praised the series for the strength of its character relationships.[89]

The entire series of Fruits Basket proves to be a true emotional roller coaster, hiding truly deep and heartfelt drama behind a candy coating of fun and humor. Deep down, it explores many aspects of emotion as the various characters search for their place in the world, gaining strength from each other.
—Allen Divers, Anime New Network[88]

In April 2005 Funimation Entertainment started a project calling for convention attendees to help them fold 1000 origami paper cranes. In Japanese folklore, folding 1000 paper cranes would grant someone a wish. When they had at least 1000 cranes, Funimation sent the cranes and pictures of the events to Studio Deen and Hakusensha to try to convince the company to produce a second season of the Fruits Basket anime.[90] Fans successfully folded the minimal of 1000 cranes by the end of the 2005 convention season, however at this time, there is still no sign that a second season of the anime series will be forthcoming.[91]


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Fruits Basket is a manga series by Natsuki Takaya. It has also been made into an anime directed by Akitaroh Daichi.


Tohru Honda

  • [To Kyo Sohma]
    If you think of someone's good qualities as the umeboshi in an onigiri, it's as if their qualities are stuck to their back! People around the world are like onigiri. Everyone has an umeboshi with a different shape and color and flavor. But because it's stuck on their back, they might not be able to see their umeboshi. "There's nothing special about me. I'm just white rice." [in her head] That's not true. There is an umeboshi -- on your back. [aloud] Maybe the reason people get jealous of each other, is because they can see so clearly the umeboshi on other people's backs. I can see them, too. I can see them perfectly. There's an amazing umeboshi on your back, Kyo-kun.
  • [After Hatori Sohma transforms into a seahorse]
    WATERRRRR! S-sea water?! Or fresh water?! WHICH IS IT, HATORI-SAAAN?!
  • [After Hatori asks what snow becomes when it melts], well...hmm. It becomes spring! No matter how cold it is now, spring will come again! Without fail. It's strange isn't it? But it's true.
  • A lot of people are too scared to admit that they're still children. They do everything they can to avoid it. So people who can admit that have a lot of courage.
  • [To Ritsu Sohma]
    I'm sure that inside your're trying with all your might to find it on your own...the reason you were born. Because...because really...there might not be anyone who was born with a reason. I think that everyone...everyone might have to find one on their own. [in her head] A reason for being born... A reason that it's okay to be alive... A reason to exist. [aloud] I think everyone might have to find it themselves...and decide for themselves. It could be your dreams...your job...or a person. ...The reason you're looking for...might be vague, unclear...and uncertain. [in her head] And you might lose it. [aloud] But as long as you're have to keep searching for that reason.
  • [After seeing Shigure Sohma for the first time]
    H- Hello! I'm sorry for trespassing! I just saw these and -- [in her head] Aaahh! There was someone here! There still is!
  • [in her head] My happiness comes from the kindness of those around me.
  • [To Ritsu Sohma]
    Sometimes living can be hard, but it's only because we're alive that we can make each other...laugh, happy! [in her head In this world... [aloud] If that's not a reason for being born in this world...I don't know what is!
  • As long as you live things will keep happening! As long as you're alive wishes will keep being made! (to Kureno Sohma, the rooster)
  • But... but... but from now on... I want to understand everything. From now on... just like you listened to my complaints, Kyo-kun... I want you to let me listen to yours. When things get tough... when you're scared, when you're weak... I want you to tell me. I want you to let me care about you. I want to be together. I want us to live... eat meals, study... share our troubles... like we did before... together. I want to stay together!
  • It's a mystery. Just because of a simple sentence... I get shaken... or I get happy. Kyo-kun is mysterious indeed. (After Kyo says, "You wanna kill some time... with me?")
  • Why does... my heart... hurt so much? Like it's being torn apart. Is it because my outrageous wish... is so disheartening? Is it because I know... that some wishes... don't come true? Even so... I wish. I wish... (Her thoughts while wishing on stars with Kyo).
  • [On first seeing Kyo]
    English: The ceiling... Is he hurt...? Wh-who... Well, hello, orange-head...
  • [After seeing Yuki, Shigure, and Kyo Sohma transform for the first time]
  • English: Mom taught me that people's differences are something to celebrate. When I thought of all the different shapes of human kindness -- imagining them as round or square...I got really excited. Your kindness is like a candle Sohma-kun. I can feel it light up, and I just want to smile. It's that kind of kindness.
  • English: My mom told me, it's better to trust people than to doubt them. She said that people aren't born with kind hearts. When we're born, all we have are desires for food and material things. Selfish instincts, I guess. But she said that kindness is something that grows inside of each person's body, but it's up to us to nurture that kindness in our hearts. That's why kindness is different for every person.
    "We're all born with selfish desires, so we can all relate to those feelings in others. But kindness is something made individually by each person, so it's easy to misunderstand when others are trying to be kind to you."
  • It's not always easy to see the good in people. In some people, you might even doubt that it's there at all. But if you can somehow, find a way to believe...sometimes that's all it takes to help someone, to give them the strength to find the good in themselves.
  • [To Kyo]
    Being away from everyone else may be lonely, but being away from you will be even lonelier.
  • [After being told by Grandpa that the remodelling of his house is finished]
    English: [referring to the Sohmas] I made...a mistake. I was never going to be more than...a temporary guest... But I made the mistake...of thinking of my family. [...] I made a mistake. They're not my family.
    "Recess! Let's all have fun playing together. Listen, everyone!"
    "You're an apple. You're a banana. Cherry! Pear! Peach! Honda, you're an onigiri...!"
    Boys always teased me back then. It was probably just another one of their pranks. But I...
    "Onigiri! that sounds good!"
    "All right, here I go! Apple!"
    ...As they played the game...I waited for someone to call "onigiri." But no one called. I was very little then. I had almost forgotten about that. [...] But they knew...there would never be room for an a fruits basket.

Yuki Sohma

  • [To Kyo]
    English: Seriously... Must you break something every time you come home? When are you going to learn? You're too weak.
  • (referring to the letter for Kisa from the teacher) Here. It says to 'like yourself.' But good things about yourself... how are you supposed to find them? I only know things I hate about myself. 'Cause that's all I know, I hate myself. But even if you force yourself to find good things... it feels so empty. It doesn't work that way. People like your teacher just don't get it. I think... when you hear someone say they like you, for the first time... then you can begin to like yourself. I think when someone accepts you, for the first time... you feel like you can... forgive yourself a little. You can begin to face your fears... with courage.
  • Skin him. Now. Barbeque the bastard!! (referring to Ayame)
  • I never... [chuckles]... laughed this hard in front of my parents... (to Tohru)
  • If I don't do it... that stupid cat will never let me hear the end of it...
  • Leave her out of this... who we let in this house is really none of your concern. You're the one who doesn't belong here. (to Kyo)
  • [To Shigure Sohma]
    English: Don't eat. Don't come near me. Don't ever speak to me again.
    Japanese: Don't you take a single bite. Get out!
  • [To Kyo]
    English: Perhaps if you'd just die you'd be reincarnated as something more pleasant.
  • A woman who can talk tough while completely naked...amazing. (about Rin, the horse)
  • I won't ask what you wish for. I only hope it comes true by your own two hands. (to Kyo)
  • Don't you ever talk about Miss Honda that way again, you low life.

Kyo Sohma

  • Yo... Are you ready for me to break your neck... Rat-boy?
  • You know... you really are something... (to Tohru)
  • Ha ha! Eat my dust, rat-boy! (to Yuki)
  • I'm gonna take my place as a true member of this family!
  • You know you're a real wise ass, you know that?! (to Yuki)
  • What the hell was that for!? Dammit!! I was winning and everything!
  • Aw, hell! She's here!! (Runs from Kagura)
  • I don't want to be anyone's burden. I don't want you to be my dad if it's going to hurt you. (thinking about Kazuma)
  • Maybe I'm not perfect. Maybe I have a long way to go. But someday... someday I'll be able to stand and walk on my own. Without hurting anyone... and without being a burden. (to Kazuma)
  • Someday...I'll be the kind of guy...who's worthy...of calling dad!!
  • Be selfish, say what you want once in a while. It's okay to let yourself be sad.
  • [referring to Tohru]
    English: She could choke on a grain of rice for all we know.
    Japanese: If anyone can find a way to choke on rice, it's her.
  • [To Yuki]
    English: Liar! Moping around like a sad rat who lost his cheese!
  • I love you. When did I start to love you so much?
  • Tohru, I can't stand not being with you... I... because I love you.
  • Yo...time to pay the piper rat boy...I'm here to collect
  • [To Tohru]
    English: Why did I get all irritated the moment you left? It didn't make any sense, so I got even more annoyed!
    Japanese: Ever since you left I've been getting pissed off about everything, and because I couldn't understand why, it just pissed me off even more!
  • Kagura... Regardless of what your reason was, when you played with me...I was happy. Thanks. (To Kagura)
  • YOU SICK BASTARD! (to Shigure)
  • What Host club did he walk out of? (about Shigure)

Hatsuharu Sohma

  • You make me sick, you and your pathetic girly whining... You're not a MAN! You're just a little kitty-cat who's afraid to fight! Know what?! YOU CAN GO TO HELL! HAHAHAHAHA! UGH! (gets kicked by Kyo in the face)
  • Especially Yuki... He was my first love after all... [Tohru stops walking]
  • You pansy! What kind of girly punch is that? I didn't even feel it! (to Kyo)
  • Oh, you know... I'm gonna do this, and a little of that... and I'm definitely gonna do THAT...!(to Kyo about Tohru[after calling her Kyo's girlfriend])
  • Why...? How can she say things like that so easily? If we hear that from our parents, what are we supposed to do? Rin thinks that she's been "bad." But who do you think is the one who's being "bad" here!?! Having people take their anger out on us, being laughed at, not being taken seriously. We kids get hurt just like you do! Why can't you understand something so simple?! Apologize! APOLOGIZE! APOLOGIZE TO RIN!! [Rin's mom shuts the door] HEY!! I TOLD YOU TO APOLOGIZE!!
  • A mystery... (Haru says this a lot, usually when it's not a mystery at all)
  • So stupid! Stupid, Stupid! You're so stupid! You want to live your life scared of being ratted out?! Screw that! I'd rather let everyone know everything!! (to Yuki, Tohru, Kyo, and Momiji while destroying a classroom)
  • Shut the hell up... You're really pissing me off. Quit acting like you're king of the mountain... you arrogant son of a bitch. Let me ask you this... If I wear a three-piece suit, does it mean I won't blackmail? If I won't pierce my ears, does it mean I won't break someone's heart? If my hair is black and shiny, does it mean I won't kill you?! Who the hell do you think you are? You think you're God?! Well?! Do you?! That's incredible! Say something, God!! Make a sound!! (Black Haru yelling at student council president for shouting at Momiji)
  • Don't judge me based on the same story and laugh.
  • I'll always love you. (To Yuki)

Kagura Sohma

  • I just told you what I think, now say something DAMMIT!
  • Starting today... I'll be with you! I'll always be by your side! (to a young Kyo)
  • Kyo-kun! Kyo-kun! I do love you, Kyo-kun! I love you!!!
  • It's just that I'm fighting the pain of lost love. I guess it's what you'd call a rude awakening... or, maybe... the weight of responsibility? But I'm fine. I'm fine. Caring for someone isn't based on logic. You can't really rationalize emotions. Once I think "I like him"... it's all over.
  • SHII-CHAN, YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!! (after learning that Shigure invited Akito to the summer house)
  • I was... relieved. I realized that, compared to the cat, I had it easy. (To kyo)
  • ...There's nothing to feel sorry for on my behalf. I've been a very selfish girl. For the first time, I was able to see that. Thank you for worrying about me, mama.(To kagura's mother)
  • I thought that, if I could shorten the distance between us, and if you would like me back, then the me that ran away -the dirty me- would be washed away. (To Kyo)
  • It's Valentine's day, silly! It's the day when lovers are together!
  • Oh? (starts giggling) SHIGUREEEE, YOU PERVERT!
  • I will forgive him (Kyo) right after I kill him!
  • No! You were mean to Hiro-kun's little sister! (scolding Kyo for yelling at Hiro's baby sister, Hinata, while they baby sit her)

Kyoko Honda

  • True kindness isn't something we're born with. It's something we had to work on... (to Tohru)
  • Tohru, you must always be yourself and do things at your own pace. Someday... you'll catch up.
  • We're all born with selfish desires so we can relate to those feelings in others. But kindness is created individually by each person... So it's easy to misunderstand when someone is trying to be kind to you... But, Tohru, people's differences are something to celebrate.
  • If you don't protect that child, I will never forgive you! (referring to Tohru as she was talking to Kyo on the day of the accident)
  • Ah, I'm sorry, I guess this is farewell. Let Tohru find happiness. Please by many people let her be loved. If you become perplexed or make errors, in the end have the kind of life that you can have pride in living. The kind where you can say, "I perservered." Repeating delightful things and sad things. And in that way keep getting older. I perservered. (Part of Kyoko's last words that were never said)
  • For there to be pain, there has to be kindness. For darkness to stand out, there has to be the sun.
  • I love you!! Even if you go bald or like underage girls, I can handle it! I'm crazy with love!! (Young Kyoko talking to Tohru's father/her husband)

Akito Sohma

  • Idiots should do what idiots can to be quicker. (to Shigure)
  • Is it okay for me to have my own life now, father, now that I'm not "special" anymore?
  • Father... I'm not...'special'... or 'God'...anymore. It's okay... for me to become... just plain old... 'Akito' now, right?

Isuzu Rin

"Why don't you stop forcing yourself on him and calling it love? It's painful to watch" (To Kagura about Kyo)

"You talk big but you're nothing but Akito's toy!" (To Yuki)

"I won't let her...get involved!" (Referring to Tohru)

"I've had enough.I'm going home."

"I don't need you anymore. I'm tired of you." (To Haru)

"The biggest idiot is you! So why don't you go back to school or whatever it is that idiots like you do and don't ever bother me again! You piece of shit!" (To Yuki)

(thinking) I can't stand up...on my own. I can't go...any further. Not...all by myself.

(thinking) Haru understood me. He cared for me. He loved me.

"I have nothing but me. I'll give you myself. You can use me however you like for the rest of my life" (To Shigure)

"You're trying to break the curse. Stop it. What are you trying to do? Do you look down on us? Do you pity our wretched state? Don't bother! We never asked for your sympathy!" (To Tohru)

"A bond may seem like a beautiful thing from the outside...but if those involved see it as a burden, it's nothing but a shackle."

"I don't need someone as unreliable as you for a partner!" (To Tohru)

"How long are you gonna sit in front of me sobbing your little eyes out?! It's depressing!" (To Tohru)

"Eventually, someday, whatever! If it will break, and we'll be free then that's good enough for me!" (To Tohru)

"You don't look like you'd be endowned with something so great" (To Tohru, referring to 'womans intuition')

Shigure Sohma

  • Sometimes I think the whole world is conspiring to destroy my house.
  • Even I... know what it's like to be jealous. (referring to Kureno and Akito's relationship)
  • I'm ho-ome! Yuki-kun, Tohru-kun, I'm home! Oh, and let's not forget stupid-clumsy-Kyo-kun-who-lost-yet-another-fight!
  • I yearn for you more than anyone else. I love you Akito... And that is the irrevocable unwavering truth.(shigures answer to akitos question "do you like me?" during a child hood flashback)
  • I do love Akito... I love her then... I still do now
  • You reject your femininity... yet at the end here you are using it.
  • People aren't born social. Sure it comes easier to some people... but most people, like you, need to work at it. Some more than others. You're just inexperienced. For example, as a martial artist, you have the strentgth to break the table with your fist. But you also have the self-control to stop your fist right before it hits the table. You weren't born with that control, were you? You had to refine it. It's the same as interacting with people. But training for that isn't in the mountains - it has to be in town where people live. Mingling with people, hurting them, getting hurt by them. That's how you learn about people and about yourself. If you don't, you'll never care about anyone but yourself. You may be a black belt fighter, but you're still a white belt in dealing with people. For the sake of the girl who will one day tell you she loves you... Don't turn away. Keep training.
  • With so much at stake... are you willing to take the one in 10,000 chance?
  • [Singing] High school girls, high school girls. All for me, high school girls.
  • Highschool girls highschool girls one, two, three all for me ( in the anime)
  • We've just witnessed a classic example of what I like to call 'misdirected rage'. Though I believe the technical term is being an ass. (In the English anime dub; commenting on Kyo's overreaction to Tohru leaving in episode 5.)
  • So this is feels... (After just being released from the curse.)
  • Another story of Fruits Basket manga has begun. I have something very important to tell everyone. Yuki is actually...A GIRL! (Chapter 16, page 2)
  • I do intend to pay you for your services.
  • Sorry that's your cue to say "Shigure you perve" and roll your eyes, slap me, whatever.
  • Yuki, what were all those crashing sounds I just heard? Kyo's not here, is he?

Momiji Sohma

  • But I think... I want to live with all my memories. Even if they're bad memories. Even if they're memories that only hurt me... that I'd rather forget. If I keep them and keep trying, without running away, then someday I'll be strong enough that those memories can't defeat me. I believe that because I want to think that there's no such thing as a memory that's ok to forget.
  • Pain, suffering. It's pointless to just think about those things. The traveler (referring to "The Most Foolish Traveler" by Natsuki Takaya) didn't. That may be stupid to some people but that's not stupid to me. Yuki... Kyo... when you close your eyes, what do you think?
  • I've gained freedom...and yet... it's so lonesome... (After declaring he was leaving Akito's side.)
  • Waah, Kyo's picking on me! (Repeated line)

Ayame Sohma

  • Strangely enough, when you get older, the things you didn't understand when you were a child... start to make sense. "When this happened, I should have done that." "When that happened, I should have said this." Those types of things. You start to understand rather than regret. It may be closer to repentance. So it may be that I do want to repent and erase the ignorant self from my childhood. Maybe that's what they mean when they say adults are selfish.
  • You can't have "hito", the character that means person, without two lines supporting each other. (a quote from Kinpachi)
  • And what happened next, you ask?! It became the day of Yuki's romantic fantasy when he saw Tohru-kun in her lovely dress! Oh no Tori-san! You just imagined Tohru-kun in her dress, didn't you? SHAMEFUL!!
  • As your older brother, I want you... TO SUBMIT TO ME!!! (to Yuki)
  • YOU CAN'T DIE YUKI! The evening sun we saw as we swore that we would die together even now still shines within my heart! (to Yuki)

Kazuma Sohma

  • Just as no matter how hard you try to keep it away... despair will attack you again and again. In the same manner hope will return to you. Again and again.
  • Parents have no right to deprive their children of free will. But they do have a right to worry about them. Keep thinking about it. I don't mind if you take twice as long as other people... because I want to know the answer you give.

Hatori Sohma

  • Please... even if I die surrounded by snow that never melts... please let her be happy.
  • Someday... no matter how cold it is now... the snow will melt. Without fail.
  • It's not the fun and games you think. It's bizarre... sinister... cursed. (speaking of the curse to Tohru)
  • Often times in memory, we have the tendency to overly romanticize the people we care about.
  • [thinking] I only take family as patients and I still get worked to death.
  • It's true, crying unexpectedly does make you feel better. When you're an adult you forget that.
  • I started crying. It was the first time in my life that I felt forgiven. Like I was saved. Like the frozen snow that's melted by spring, the tears wouldn't stop.
  • He's just...he's still a child. There are still a lot of things he can't give up. There's no rush.(To Ayame about Yuki)
  • It's over between Kana and me. We're not going to get back together. Even if we were together, I would only miss her... (To Shigure and Ayame)
  • Please stop adding to my misery. (to Ayame)

Hiro Sohma

  • I want to be the only one... who can help the one I care about.
  • You're so gullible! Don't you have any standards? So if I told you to spin around, you'd do it? If they told you to jump off a cliff, would you do that, too? I can't stand people who have no individuality!! (To Tohru)
  • So, what are you saying? You mean if your wife wasn't controlling you, you wouldn't be a villain? You mean you've never thought it's just because you're incompetent? And what's that supposed to mean anyway? (To the story, "Mogeta")
  • Since when did the "Cat" set the rules for this house? You mean to tell me that you contribute more to this house than anyone else? Do you pay all the bills? I can't stand people who do absolutely nothing but complain all the time! (To Kyo)
  • Go ahead! I'll just turn you into the police for assault! (To Kyo)

Saki Hanajima

  • A sixth sense cannot make up for a total lack of common sense.
  • ...If Tohru-kun were to die, I...I wonder if I'd be able to smile again one year later? Or if I'd wish that I could forget ever having met her. ...Tohru-kun... has tried really hard...
  • I do...want to be with you...I want to be with you...! (To Tohru and Arisa)
  • I...think that my performance today was a success because he played opposite me. Kyo-kun...Thank you. (To Kazuma)

Arisa Uotani

  • (During 'Sorta Cinderella', talking to lackluster Prince Charming Kyo, holding Cinderella's slipper)Is that the kinda attitude you show to some one concerned about you?! Whats gonna happen to the person who wants to see ya, huh?!?! Its obvious... Its obvious you wish to see eachother... SO COME AND FREAKIN' SEE ME ALREADY!!
  • This may have been a useless time for you... but i really wanted to see you!
  • Hmm... you can go anywhere you want? Cuz' I'll go... anywhere with you, y'know. (To Kureno)
  • Maybe I was lonely. Maybe I've just... always... been lonely.
  • But even though she's gone... she's not really gone, right? That the light won't go on in that apartment... is a lie, right?


Ayame: You didn't cheat on me while we were apart, did you, Gure-san?
Shigure: Why would I do something like that, Aya?
Shigure and Ayame: [with raised thumbs] ALL RIGHT!

Hatsuharu: Whoa... I don't believe it. Someone just walked in who looks exactly like Yuki. A mystery.
Yuki: [annoyed] It is me.
Hatsuharu: But this is the main house.
Yuki: That's why I snuck in.
Hatsuharu: [grabs a camera and poses with Yuki] Peace. You too, Yuki, peace.
Yuki: [extremely annoyed] What was that for?
Hatsuharu: In commemoration of your coming to the main house after such a long time. And for me.

Yuki: I commend your discipline... you stu... pid... cat.
Shigure: [thinking] He'll never change...

Shigure: In the car... on the way back... he called Tohru "ugly". If you lock someone up... in a dark room... for a long, long time... and mentally torture them... it leaves indelible scars.
Hatori: But Akito doesn't understand. If someone can cause those scars, there is sure to be someone who can heal them. That fact gives me more than a little courage.
Shigure: And about what he said. Tohru's cute. She's adorable.
Hatori: Coming from you, that sounds criminal..

Shigure: [yawns] G'morning...
Yuki: Um... Shigure, it's night. Why don't you get a normal sleep pattern?
Shigure: I became an author so I wouldn't have to.
[Notices Kisa]
Shigure: Ohh? There's a child here that looks a lot like Sat-chan (Kisa's nickname). Should uncle go buy some candy?
Yuki: Please tell me that's sleep talking, and that you haven't developed a paternal streak.
Shigure: Yuki-kun is cold today, as usual... [hugging Kisa]
Yuki: Let go of her. Your vulgar-germs will rub off on her.


Principal: I've allowed that color, but I don't remember saying you could have long hair. Have it cut by tomorrow.
Ayame: But Principal...
Principal: No! Rules are made to be followed. I'll call the head of your family...
Ayame: I... I come from a royal family.
Principal: Huh?
Ayame: I've been hiding it until now, but there's a country to which I must return.
Principal: Wh-what?
Ayame: If you must know, my hair has to be long because... it is said that the first king, the honorable Rurubara-sama, received a message when he reached the age of four. It was from Kandora-sama, who illumines the four directions with gold and red light. When Kandora-sama chanted "Ma Rudu Mani," his forehead shone with a blue light and, like a pony struck by a whip, Rurubara-sama's honorable person was liberated. With a wave of warm compassion, like trees that bend in a light breeze, his supple tresses grew... Now, meanwhile, Kashiparuu-sama was in his chambers sleeping peacefully, like a flower waiting to bud, and he gave voice to the pain that was in his heart, "Kampaniiru...!!" "Kampaniiru", in the tongue of my people, means, "Come forth, ocean of God's power; go forth, veneration!"
Principal: Uh, errr, um, just - I'm sorry, but I have to go meet with some-
Ayame: [grabs the principal's shoulder] I'm not done explaining about Kandora-sama.

[Kagura is doing laundry and tries to wring out Kyo's shirt.],,
Kagura: Dry damm you!!
[Shirt rips in two.],,
Kyo: Tell me that didn't just happen!!
Kagura: My love!
Kyo: My shirt!

Kyo: Why the hell is Kagura here??!!
Kagura: I'm here for Valentines Day, silly! It's a very important day for lovers to be together!
Kyo: You're not gonna find any lover in this house!
Shigure: Kyo, behave please. I don't want the house getting... you know... smashed.
Kyo: Damn it! I should've left on that journey sooner! How was I supposed to know today was Valentines Day?!
Yuki: It's called a calendar, stupid.

Ayame: [Takes Yuki's hand in his] Yuki...!! Let's let today be the day we deepen our brotherly bond!!
Yuki: I'll see you sink to the bottom of the lake before I let that happen.
Ayame: I see! I see! We'll always be together as brothers!

Ayame: My, my. Welcome back, Yuki! And you're with your little friends!
Ayame: By the way, Yuki...
Kyo: HEY!
Ayame: I just received some advice from Tori-san. From now on, I'm going to deepen our bond with my forceful conviction! This is the best way!
Yuki: [thinking] ...The best way is for him to give up.
Tohru: Forceful... conviction? What do you mean?
Ayame: I MEAN--!! Yuki is my younger brother, and I am Yuki's older brother! Based on this indisputable fact, I will make this declaration! YUKI!! As your older brother, I want you... [points to Yuki] ...TO SUBMIT TO ME!!!
[Echo] To me... to me... to me...
Yuki: ..................! GO TO HELL!!
[Yuki beats up Ayame, then picks him up in his zodiac form, spins him around, and throws him in the lake]
Hatori: Poor Ayame... he just doesn't get it.
Shigure: He really doesn't.

Tohru: These cats must really like you a lot! [hugs one of them]
Kyo: Yeah, don't ask why... they just come out on their own... same for dogs for Shigure, and rats for Yuki...
Tohru: It must be fun!
Kyo: HOW THE HELL IS IT FUN?! This one time I was walking on the mountains with Kagura we got surrounded by a whole pack of boars! I thought they were gonna eat us!
Tohru: [giggles]
Tohru: I'm sorry.
Kyo: Well... what do you want?
Tohru: I'm only worried about you, that's all... aren't you going to help at the preparations for the festival?
Kyo: [glances at Tohru for a second] What do they need me for...? They've got Yuki, don't they? I doubt anyone's gonna miss me...
Tohru: [gasps]


Kagura: I'll take his good traits with his bad! Even if he turns into his true form, I'll stand by hi--
Kyo: That's...enough! Keep talking like that...and I'll never forgive you!


Kagura: I do love him! Even if he changes into his other fo- [Kyo covered her mouth]
Kyo: Shut your mouth, right now. One more word, and... and I'll... [Kagura took his arm and started breaking it]
Kyo: Aaaaaaaaaaaaghhhh!

Shigure: Hmm? You agreed to it just like that? My, arent you helpful... or could it be that you secretly got a crush on tohru?! [silence from Hatori] Oooh...Are you so unnerved its gotten your tongue-tied... I've hit the nail on the head, havent I ?!?!
Hatori: I am unnerved by your utter stupidity that words fail me completely...


Shigure: Ah-hah! What's this Hatori? I don't think I've ever heard you so eager to come over! Could it be you have a secret crush on Tohru? [silence from Hatori] Ah! I guessed right, didn't I? You naughty, naughty man, you!
Hatori: No, I was simply too amazed by your stupidity to say anything.

Momiji: Hey Tohru! Let's take a bath together! [Kyo took Momiji's head and sat on his back]
Kyo: Why you little--! Now who's the pervert? (Momiji called Kyo a perv earlier, for "wanting" to share the same room as Tohru)
Momiji: Waaahhh! Kyo's picking on meee!

Kagura: No! You don't know how a woman feels when she's in love!
Shigure: [chuckles] Oh, 'yes I do'... Well, maybe I don't have enough women to venture I guess...
Kagura: Huh?
Shigure: That's your cue to shout, "Shigure, you big perv!" Roll your eyes, and slap me, whatever...
Kagura: Ahh! Shigure!!! You big perv! [chases him whilst pummeling him in the back]


Momiji: Hey. Hey, Tohru! You know about the Zodiac thing, right!
Tohru: Uh, yes.
Momiji: Then I can hug you!
Kyo: Hold it, lover-boy.
Momiji: But she won't mind if I transform, right?
Kyo: That's not the problem! Think of where we are!
Momiji: Are you hogging Tohru because she's so cute?! I bet Kyo hugs her every day!
Kyo: You stu--! Who would want to--!
Momiji: My turn! [hugs Tohru and transforms into a rabbit]


Momiji: Hey, Tohru! You already know about the zodiac, right?
Tohru: Mmm-hmm!
Momiji: Yay! That means I can hug you! [runs to Tohru]
Kyo: Wait a minute, loverboy! Do you even realize where you are?! [holding Momiji's head]
Momiji: Kyo, you're just keeping Tohru all to yourself 'cause she's so cute! You probably hug her everyday!
Kyo: HELL NO! WHO WOULD WANT TO DO THAT?! [Lets Momiji go]
Momiji: ME!! [hugs Tohru and transforms into a rabbit]

Kagura: Here, Kyo! A chocolate heart stuffed with my love, all for YOU!
Kyo: KEEP IT! What man in his right mind would eat that girly, sugary crap?!
Tohru: Ummm... Kyo? Do you really not like chocolates?
Kyo: NO! I hate it!
Kagura: [Satanic voice] SHUT UP AND EAT IT!
Kyo: AH!
Kagura: Did you hear me?! I said eat, damn you!
Kyo: NO!
Kagura: EAT!
Kyo: NO means NO, woman!
Kagura: EAT IT!!!
Kyo: You'll have to kill me first!
Kagura: I'm starting to get angry!!!
Kyo: NO!

Shigure: Tohru? What's for breakfast? I'm starving... Oh. I forgot, our dear sweet Tohru has gone away.
Yuki: Sounds like you forgot on purpose.

Kyo: Dammit, can't you do anything right?
Yuki: You're the last person I need to hear from right now.
Kyo: What's that supposed to mean?! You tryin' to start something?!
Arisa: Quit horsing around, you two.
Kyo: Who asked you, you dirty bitch!
[Arisa grabs Kyo with a mop]
Arisa: You gonna talk to me like that after I came here to help you out of the goodness of my heart?

Shigure: Jason is a bear they say lives on a mountain. You don't know much, do you?
Kyo: Shut up! I knew that!
Hatori: No you didn't.

Shigure: [With Momiji, finds Tohru with Hatori] So, Tohru, did you find out what zodiac animal Hatori is?
Hatori: [In a grim tone] Say one more word, Shigure, and the entire publishing industry will know of every embarrasing thing you did since you were four.
Shigure: Sorry, Tohru, my lips are sealed!

Kagura: Ky-o-kuuun!

[Kyo freezes]

Kagura: Tee hee hee! [to a sweating Kyo] Welcome Kyo-kun!

[Kyo closes the door - a loud slam is heard]

Tohru: Ky-ky...Kyo-kun?! Just now, I heard a "slam" sound...
Yuki: [thinking] It'll take more than a door to stop her...
Kagura: Kyo-kun?! Kyo-kun, dear, what's wrong?! The door closed?!
Kyo: Yeah, it's closed! And it won't ever open again!

[Kagura's fist punches a hole through the door]

Kagura: [grabs Kyo through the hole] Open it.
Kyo: .................'kay.

[Tohru's crying and wishing upon the stars up on the roof]
Tohru: Kyo-kun, what do you wish for?
Kyo: For a certain someone... to stop crying. [wipes away her tears]

Shigure: At least this summer won't be a complete bust. I can still be happy watching the soap opera unfold.
Kyo: What are you talking about?
Shigure: Wouldn't it be nice if your friendship were to, say...deepen?
Kyo: Uh... still don't know what you're talking about.


Tohru: [enters after hearing commotion] Wh-What's the matter?
Shigure: Tohru-kun, it's no use! Kyo-kun is wasted on you. Unlike me, he shows no promise whatsoever! You mustn't get near him!
Kyo: At least I get that I'm really being made fun of!

Tohru: (Talking about Rin) I wonder what she came here to do? She seemed to be in so much pain...
Shigure: Hmmm... the truth is... Rin and I are going out.

(Dead silence)

Tohru: Eh...?! Ah! R-r-really?! I'm sorry. I shouldn't have pried!
Shigure: Nah, I'm just pulling your leg. Sorry, sorry.
Hatori: Pay attention to the circumstances before you make such flippant comments.

Tohru: I...I won't lose! Why hide it? I'm the mean stepsister!
Kyo: (Purposely holding up the script up high so she can't get it) Uh, you're not the one being mean.
Yuki: And how old are we turning this year?

Yuki: I think I'll go back to the main house for New Year's.
Tohru: EH?!
Shigure: Oh, my.
Yuki: Just for one night. I'll come back the evening of New Year's Day.
Shigure: Something up, Yuki-kun? That doesn't sound like you. Did you hit your head?
Yuki: I did not. ...I'll be going.
Tohru: All right!
Shigure: Hmm...if you're going to bother going back, you should take your time--stay longer than a night.
Yuki: ......Well...I'm not sure of leaving the two of them alone.
Kyo and Tohru: ?
Shigure: [to Kyo] YOU...YOU BEAST!
Kyo: I'm gonna kill you.
Shigure: Not to worry, Tohru-kun! We'll put together a plan to protect you from the evil clutches of fiendish Kyo-kun.
Tohru: Ha?
Yuki: [to Kyo] Beast.
Kyo: I'm gonna kill you both. Together.

Ayame: (picking up barely-injured Yuki) You musn't die, Yuki! The setting sun we watched the day we pledged by the Seine together sparkles like gold in my heart even now!
Yuki: We never saw that! We never pledged! Stop making up past events and put me down!
Ayame: Be strong, Yuki!

Yuki: (while picking up Machi's things) Hey. Is this the maple leaf I gave you?
Machi: (wide eyes) No! Give it back! <thinking> I was so asleep I even packed that...
Yuki: Oh...maybe I have the wrong leaf.
Machi: You're wrong!
Yuki: Okay. Sorry. Of course it was a different leaf.
Machi: ....but you're not...technically wrong.
Yuki: Which is it, Machi?
Machi: I mean, there isn't any hidden meaning behind it. I just wasn't sure about throwing it away, so I made a bookmark. I made it myself. There's nothing beyond that...
Yuki: Thank you.
Machi: ...For what?
Yuki: (smiling) Well, you're taking good care of it! I'm glad.
Machi: (blushing, embarassed) I...I'M NOT TAKING CARE OF IT!!
Yuki: HUH? made a bookmark.
Machi: Slamming it into books doesn't mean I'm taking care of it!
Yuki: But you're using it because you like it, right?
Machi: I don't like it! It's big and hard to use--in fact, you can have it back!
Yuki: Don't give it back!!
Manabe: (arriving on the scene, and seeing Yuki and Machi arguing/fighting) Hunh. I kind of want to ask, but I also kinda don't. Do I risk it?
Yuki: Ask. Take the risk.
Manabe: Fine. What the hell?
Yuki: ....the short version here, is that Machi is being inflexible!
Manabe: The short version tells me jack...
Machi:This has nothing to do with you, Manabe! So stay out of this, you SAUCEPAN!

(Set in the past...)

Katsuya Honda: (after witnessing Kyoko yelling) What's making you so angry?
Kyoko: ...huh? Who're you? (slides away) Whatever. You can take your preaching and shove it up your--
Katsuya: I'm not going to preach. Just tell me what's so irritating...
Kyoko: That's none of your damn buisness!
Katsuya: Maybe not. But I'm curious.
Kyoko: It's everything, you prick! God, you're so annoying! It's everything, okay?! EVERYTHING PISSES ME OFF! Them! And them! And them! And you! Everyone and everything! I HATE YOUR GOD-DAMN GUTS! You just...You all treat people like garbage. You're all just as bad! QUIT TRYING TO ACT LIKE YOU'RE ALL FRIGGIN' PERFECT! (slams fist down on table) Leave me alone. I wish everyone would just...go. Get out of my life. I'd be better off with you dead! Die! Go to hell! Die! (keeps slamming fist down on table) You disappear! You fall apart!
Katsuya: (staying calm) Really? I think you want them to care. You want them to look at you, don't you? All of those people. You want them to need you. You want listen to you. To understand, somehow. You want them to accept you. I want them to love you. (pauses to take off glasses) You know something? I'd like that too.
Kyoko: Wh-Why? Why did I...turn this? (remembers her mother saying "Why did you turn out like this!") You're asking me? That's what...that's what I want to know. Why? Why...Did....I...?! <thinking> Where did she go wrong? What was her mistake? I'm miserable. I FEEL SO ALONE! (starts to cry) It was all I wanted. To love people....and be loved. I wanted to be happy.
Katsuya: ...You're lonely? All right. (grabs her hand and yanks her up from the table) Let's sneak out of here. Together.

Katsuya: You're like a dog, Miss No-Eyebrows.
Kyoko: It's the ocean, isn't it? STUPID OCEAN!

Tohru: It must've been very painful, Akito...being told the day you were born, you were going die. It must've been so painful.
Akito: What was!? What would you know about it!?!
Tohru: You're right. I can't even imagine how awful it would be to know something like that, or how terrifying. Shigure and Yuki and Kyo I'm sure they feel the same way, and Hatori too. And when you pass away, we'll be sad. We'll be very sad to lose you. And so...
Akito: Heh. Who's going to be sad? Everyone is able to live thanks to me. They all hope I will be gone quickly. I was born in order to die. That's how it was decided.
Tohru: But why? Who decided it had to be like that? Akito, right now you're alive aren't you?
Akito: Alive!? You call this being alive, do you?! It's been decided! It's been decided, and they never even asked me!
Tohru: I-I didn't know my mom was going to die-
Akito: Silence! Stop talking! Hatori, I want you to erase this girl's memory. Do it now! (Hatori hesitates) Hatori!
Tohru: I wanted her to live a long time. I wanted her to be here to watch me.
Akito (voice cracking): Stop crying! Stop it, stop crying!
Tohru: And I don't know what your family's curse is, but I'm happy. I'm happy that I know you, Akito. And I don't regret meeting you, or anyone, not at all. I wanna know you. Please tell me how you feel. Even if you're bitter or angry or frustrated, that's okay because the important thing now, Akito... You're alive. (pause; Akito lets Tohru's hair go; he knocks Yuki and Shigure down)

Akito: All right. What is it?
Hatsuharu: Why'd you push Rin out a window? Why would you do something like that?
Akito: What? I did...what? I pushed Isuzu? That's news to me. Who told you that?
Hatsuharu: The heavens revealed it.
Akito: Huh? (laughs) You never change do you? You're as dumb as ever.
Hatsuharu: Don't laugh!! Why would you do that? Were you trying to kill her?
Akito:...Hmph. You'll believe the heavens, but you won't believe your God. Fine. Let me ask you something, Hatsuharu. Why would you get so angry about Isuzu in the first place? You've always been kind to her. Do you feel sorry for her? Did you feel you couldn't leave her? Maybe it was just pity.
Hatsuharu: (punches wall) Because I love her! And I know you knew that! Don't pretend you didn't! ...Where is she? Where's Rin? You know. Don't you?! You know where she is!
Akito:...This is ridiculous. Where did you get an idea like that?
Hatsuharu: You were always cold to Rin. If I was always kind to her...then you...were always cold. To Rin. To women. I know how much you hate them! Twice as much as anyone else! You have no problem saying cruel things. You do cruel things. If you're supposed to be our have to be more--
Akito: So you realize all that, do you? Interesting. And yet, you tell me things like "I love Rin", right? Even though you knew that I hate Isuzu? You told Isuzu that you love her, didn't you? Even though you knew?
Hatsuharu:...Where is she? Where? Where is Rin right now?
Akito: You're so obstinate. Look I don't know--
Hatsuharu: (grabs Akito) Where is she?! Where did you put her?! Get her out!
Akito: I just told you!--I don't know! You always make everything my fault!

Manabe: (sighs) I guess there's no hope for you, Yuki. You were probably brought up as such a spoiled little rich girl...
Yuki: (pulls on his ear)
Manabe: OWOWOW BOY! I mean spoiled little rich BOY!
Yuki: Either way, you're insulting me.

Manabe: Why do we have to go around introducing ourselves to all the clubs? It's not like we're idols that have just started out. They know who we are.
Yuki: We have to show how we're here to help them.
Manabe: We DO help them. We're the School Defence Force that fights against EVIL, you know.
Yuki: Can you stop saying that with a straight face? It makes me nervous.

...and who exactly do you mean by "evil", anyways?

Manabe: I'm still taking applications.

Shigure: Kyo, I heard you gave Tohru a little scare while you were prowling around last night. (singsong voice): Kyo's a stalker. Kyo's a stalker.
Tohru: That's okay. Anyway, I'd much see you here at the table like this more often. I'm glad you're eating. How do you like the food?
Kyo: Hmm? (he looks at Yuki; he groans) What do you want?!
Yuki: Nothing.
Yuki: No, just looking.
Tohru: Do you like it?
Kyo: NO, I DON'T!! (Tohru's mouth gaps open, silence)

Shigure: By the way, this is the one and only Tohru Honda. You came to see her today, right?
Ayame: Hmm? ...Oh, yes, that's right! I'm sorry about earlier. I am Yuki's older brother, Ayame.
Tohru: Oh, right! Pleased to meet you!
Ayame: So you really do exist. The princess I've heard so much about. (Tohru smiles nervously) A single, blooming flower trapped in a house with stinking men. Are they treating you well, princess?
Shigure (nervously): You make it sound that she's been kidnapped.
Yuki (angrily, but coolly): Brother, you're being rude. Stop making fun of her!
Ayame: Making fun? Honestly, I'm giving Tohru nothing, but the highest respect. So princess, why don't you bring us some tea? (he pats the table) And lunch would be nice.
Yuki and Kyo: THAT'S NOT RESPECT!!
Ayame: Of course; you're right. What was I thinking? Let me try again. (he holds his hand out) Come, Tohru. (they skip together) We're going out to eat!
Tohru: Uh, I don't know.
Ayame: Don't worry; it's my treat! (he laughs giddily; the door closes; Kyo and Yuki glare at Shigure)
Shigure (nervously): Now there's use getting angry at me.

Tohru: Momiji!
Momiji (in a girl's uniform with a cap and shorts): Tohru! (he laughs; Kyo stares at him in anger and surprise; Tohru smiles)
Tohru: Hi there! (Momiji lunges toward her for a hug; Kyo knocks him down)
Kyo: What are you, stupid?!
Momiji: Waaahhh! Kyo's hitting me! (he starts crying)

Shigure: So, anyway, I was wondering if you can come and take a look at Tohru's cut. That is, when you think you can spare the time.
Hatori: Fine. I'll stop by the house this evening.
Shigure: Aha. What's this, Hatori? I don't think I've ever heard you sound so eager to come over. Could it be you have a secret crush on Tohru??
Hatori: ...
Shigure: Ha! I guessed right, didn't I?! You naughty, naughty man!
Hatori: I was simply too amazed by your stupidity to say anything.

Kyo (hits Momiji on the head; Momiji cries): NOW YOU STAY HERE AND SIT STILL!
Momiji: Waahh! Somebody, Kyo hit me! (Tohru pulls a curtain back)
Tohru: Is everything okay?
Momiji (excitedly): You're Tohru! Right? Tohru Honda? Did I get it right?
Tohru: Uh-huh; that's me.
Momiji: Now me! Guess who I am!
Tohru: You're Momiji.
Momiji: Ah! You remembered my name! I'm so happy! Tohru, let's be friends, okay?
Tohru: Sure. (Kyo groans)
Momiji: Hey, Tohru, so you already know about the whole Zodiac thing, right? Right??
Tohru: Yeah.
Momiji: That’s great! I can hug you! (he laughs, lunges forward, but is stopped by Kyo)
Kyo: Hold it, lover boy!
Momiji: But Tohru doesn’t mind if I transform in front of her, do you, Tohru?!
Kyo: Do you even know where you are?! (Tohru laughs)
Tohru (thinking): I guess he is a member of the Zodiac after all.
Momiji: Kyo, you’re just trying to keep Tohru all to yourself ‘cause she’s so cute. You’d probably hug her everyday. (Kyo lets him go)
Kyo: Whoa, hell no! Who would want to do that?! (Momiji hugs Tohru)
Momiji: MEEEEEEEE! (Poof!)

Tohru: Excuse me. Are you... Akito? (flashback of Akito at the main Sohma house; Akito stops in front of her)
Akito: Yes, I am... Miss Tohru Honda. (Tohru's eyes widen)
Tohru: Uh, pleased to meet you. (she bows; thinking) I don't believe it. W-why would Akito be here at school? Oh, I never thought I'd have to meet him by myself like this! But I'm surprised; h-he looks so young, and he's handsome, too, almost as handsome as Yuki. Still, this is the same person who hurt Hatori's eye. (Akito chuckles)
Akito: You're very polite. I'm glad. You seem to be a good person. And not only that, you're extremely cute. (Tohru looks up)
Tohru: Oh no, not really! (Akito chuckles)
Akito: So, you're modest, too. I mean it. You really are cute. I'm sorry I didn't say hello when I saw you at the main house. I tend to be rather shy around strangers. I hope you're not angry.
Tohru: Oh no! Not at all!
Akito: Well, that's good. I should introduce myself properly. I'm Akito, head of the Sohma family. I'm pleased to meet you.
Tohru: No, no! The pleasure's all mine, really! (she whimpers; thinking) It's strange. His personality seems much more gentle than I imagined.
Akito: I do hope you and I can be friends from now on... (he stares at her) ...just as you are with Yuki and Kyo.

Tohru (after running into Ritsu again after school): So those are for Shigure?
Ritsu: Uh-huh. He asked me to pick them up. He said he just couldn't write without fresh jelly buns.
Tohru: Yeah. That sounds like something he'd say. (pause)
Ritsu and Tohru (in unison): Uh...
Tohru: Yes? Were you going to say something?
Ritsu: No, no, Tohru. You were going to say something first.
Tohru: No, really; I don't mind. Please, go right ahead.
Ritsu: No, really; that's all right. After you please.
Tohru: Oh no, I just couldn't!
Ritsu: Me either!
Tohru: Um, you know, for some reason, I don't think this is getting us anywhere.

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Fruits Basket(フルーツバスケット) is a Japanese manga and anime series. It is about a 16-year-old girl called Tohru Honda. The manga series ran from 1999 until 2006. The anime was first shown from 5 July 2001 until 27 December 2001. There are 26 episodes in the anime.


Tohru comes to live with the mysterious Sohma family. She discovers a terrible secret about them - 13 members of the family turn into the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, and the cat who was left out of the Chinese Zodiac. Whenever they are hugged by members of the opposite sex or become weak, they turn into these animals.

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