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Promotional poster for 1965 film The Face of Fu Manchu, featuring the signature moustache.

A Fu Manchu mustache is a full moustache that extends downward past the lips and on either side of the chin and might go all the way down to the toes. Often, the ends of the moustache will hang past the jaw, with pointed or tapered ends. The Fu Manchu is similar to the more common horseshoe (or "biker") moustache; the major difference between the two being that the Fu Manchu is only grown from the upper lip, while the sides remain shaved.

The Fu Manchu was named after the fictional character of the same name, who was often depicted with such a style of mustache on film. A creation of English author Sax Rohmer, the character did not have a mustache in the original novels. The infamous facial hair first appeared in the British serial The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu, in 1923. Fu Manchus are seen in stereotypical depictions of Chinese villains in film and television.

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